View Full Version : The Bike is your Hula Hoop didnt unlock (XBONE)

07-20-2014, 12:46 AM
Did a search and didnt find anything. Is there a problem with this achievement or am i missing something?

Did a 25,000+ point jump and only got a game clip recorded. No achievement. What am i missing here? I suck at FMX and would hate to keep trying if im not understanding what to do.

Sounds pretty strait forward. Score 20,000 on a single jump. Is that not all there is to it?


07-23-2014, 11:01 AM
Not that there is any interest in this but i found that this happens on a number of games on Xbox One. Achievements will show 100% completed yet will not unlock and award gamerscore.

Havnt seen any solution aside from MS saying all achievements are recorded and will usually unlock within 24 hours of completing them. Wasnt the case for myself and many others that posted on xbox forums.

I completed a 20k+ jump a few more times on the same spot and it still wouldnt unlock. It finally unlocked when i completed a 27k jump on a different track.