View Full Version : Mercenary deck + haven retal.

07-18-2014, 11:36 AM
I really loved the idea of spoils of war. However it seem impossible to implement. Without it mercenary cards are not that great, but in order to get the card early on you would need a lot of copies of it and observatory.
Spoils of war and its stackability only becomes profitable near mid/late game and if you have a lot of mercanaries, but by then having all these extra resources is not as useful as it is mid/late game and the 6 to 10 resources you spent on getting spoils of resources out on the field results in your mercanaries not having board advantage and being wiped out.

Different solutions: 1. Decrease the cost of spoils of war to 1 point or 0.
2. Make it stackable, with the effect that once you play one another is pulled from your deck to your hand. As a con things like price of the void could dispel the stack.
3. Create a mercenary creature that allows you to attack with adjacent mercenary creatures for free but to attack with it or move it you have to pay 3 resources.

ps for Haven there should be a building that "shooters take retaliating damage for attacking creatures at this building".... it could also be a unique that provides this ability to adjacent creatures.