View Full Version : Uplay login crashes my game.

07-15-2014, 04:20 PM
Playing v1.50
Playing on Sony Xperia Arc S Lt18i
Android 4.0.3

Ok as Google Play tells me my device is incompatible with this game I downloaded it from Amazon App store. It works fine, tiny bit slow maybe but totally playable and I've had fun mainly. I know I'll probably get no help here as it seems my phone is unsupported but I'm hoping for some sort of help or advice.

Recently it's been freezing when opening the Village screen randomly and closing the game and reopening it doesn't help. I have to clear the data and restart, relogin to Uplay and carry on. 90 tries out of 100 when I login to Uplay it'll show my name ( indicating it's connected ) for a split second before displaying the message Trials Frontier has stopped working and the whole thing crashes.

I've tried everything short of deleting and redownloading the game as I've heard bad things about V2.0 and am worried I'll not be able to play the game at all without buying a new phone if I update it.

Anyone got any ideas?

Edit: Ok I've updated it to 2.0 and now it runs faster than sh!t off a shovel! Managed to log back into Uplay without any problems, hopefully things will be cool after I charge my battery and have a prolonged session.