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Hello my name is Paul Susarev "Kuper Lengston". I've been watching the work of UbiSoft and love of their products. Seen in The Division, I loved, and I began to follow the development of the game. This game was so impressed me that I began to write a story based on her fantasies on the subject of how things happen in such a complex world, people are fighting to survive and kamimi difficulties may encounter. I suggest you read the first chapter of the story "The Unit". I hope you enjoy.

Kuper Lengston from The Division Russian Community


Part 1

Just a little while ago there were people sitting there, talking and making friends. There was always a flaming life at the bar counter and at the tables, mostly at the weekends. It wasn't the best place in Manhattan, but definitely it was my favourite bar. At the counter you could always watch a couple of barmaids serving out right and left, and the people crowding at the bar, dancing in time with the music and waiting for their orders. As for the hall, it was overcrowded all the time. At each table, you couldn't see less than four people and even some visitors with drinks in their hands, standing along the walls.
In the centre of the hall, there was a dancing floor with a good music and dancing and jumping throng. No, that wasn't a night club. It was just a simple bar, one-off though. The bar was kind of a magnet to certain people with a certain character. That is why most of them having met here once, became friends forever. As for me, I had been there, standing at the bar counter for a long time and I had enough time to meet quite a lot of people. I met HER here.
Everything has changed these days. All the tables and the windows were broken and all the stuff was carried out. Even the bulbs in the lamps disappeared.
The riot has been going for two days. A total panic has simply flooded the city. And what do usually people do being in panic? Anything but trying to keep alive. But those who understood what was going on and who got the idea of the market to come crashing down, began marauding. They realized that soon everything would be conformed to the simple rules of the barter trade. The money would lose its weight and value. All the supermarkets have instantly become empty, as well as the pharmacies, where the bandages and the antibiotics were the first to finish. Now all of these were under the power of the "black market".
Nothing has been left here: no food, no water, and no alcohol. The dumb ones were drinking alcohol right there. It could be seen by the empty bottles on the floor. The others, wiser ones, took it out, thinking to use it as a fuel in a short time.
Entering the bar counter, you could see all the cupboards being eviscerated and their precious content being gone. The door on the left was open. It seemed to be a room of the director or somebody from the management. There was a stack of papers, a desk, a mouse and a keyboard on the desk, but no sign of a computer. Perhaps it was taken away. A safe, which was mounted into the wall, had the signs of penetration on its hinges.
I took off a black backpack, put it on the desk, and opened the main clasp, separating the backpack into two parts like a suitcase. There were the essential things on the left - a knife, some bandages, a hemostatic sponge, two en block clips 5,7 x 28 mm for a pistol and 7,62 x 51 mm NATO version. On the right, there was a rope, a torch, a supply of the chemical lights, several water containers and a purifier. And also a small black box. I took this box and propped it against the safe looking at the watch. The interface has immediately identified an activated device and scanned the safe showing the internal mechanism. A hologram image over the watch indicated three gear wheels of different diameter, showing that a combination has three numbers. Having such gadgets, it was very easy to open it. You just had to turn a dial and look at the hologram until a post would get into the joint. The dial was turning with the distinctive clicks. The first number was twelve, as the post on the hologram got into the gear wheel. The second one was eight and the next gear wheel was blocked, and after that eighty-one, apprising the safe opening. I t seemed to be someone who worked here before, had a whole life and now he or she is dead or in the stay indoors zone, or maybe, like a few alive, is trying to fight for life.
Skying the gadget and putting it on its place in my backpack, I returned to the safe. In a peacetime any safecracker would have sold his soul for such a thing. Taking a handle and turning it slightly, I opened the safe. There was nothing special: some papers, waybills, money, probably the daily receipts, a couple of account books and a small wooden box under them. It appeared to be closed. A tiny keyhole needed a key, the same as police handcuffs do. Perhaps it was in one of the administrator's pockets or in a bunch of keys, or maybe, it was in a drawer. Anyway, it is needless to look for it now. I needed a knife for this. Pulling it out of the holster on my waist and thrusting it into the slot, I turned it harshly, breaking the lock. A wooden part near the lock scattered with splinters in different directions. A basic model Beretta 92 (1) lay in the box, an extra clip and a small amount of ammunition in a transparent plastic box. Taking a gun in my hand and checking the clip in it, I racked the bolt, forcing the cartridge in the chamber.
- Clear.
Strange, who might need a gun in the bar, which has its own security with shockers for very violent visitors?
Here worked a wonderful man in security called Paul. He was a mustached man, a dog breeder, a gentle soul, who served in the Special Forces. Now his skills would be useful as ever. I will not console myself with hope that he is all right. However, it doesn't matter anything now. The important thing was that I had a new barrel with a small margin of precious ammo. Pulling an additional loading case and an ammunition out of the box, I put them in a backpack along with the Beretta; I closed the backpack and threw it over my shoulder, clipping the carabiners on my chest.
I desperately wanted to hear now that old music that was in this bar and see again the crowds of dancing people. But now I couldn't hear the music, and all the lights vanished. Only small dawn rays broke through the broken glass.
I became very nostalgic. Everything becomes more valuable when it is lost.
It was time to run for the meeting point.
Coming out to the street light and breathing cold air, I looked around and headed to the venue. The civilian clothes would be irrelevant for my purposes, and it was good that all the necessary things were kept at home a long time before. Military style black pants. All who served in the army, except that they had another camouflage color, depending on the type of troops, wore such pants. They had plenty of pockets: front and rear, knee level and special calf level ones. These pockets were designed to position the FFD or the First Field Dressing in them. On the top there was a dark gray jacket of the same military style, dressed over an olive color fleece jacket. There was a backpack with one strap on the back which was worn across the chest.
There hung some chemical lights and a breathing filter. A transmitter was fixed on the shoulder and it displayed in orange a ęstandbyĽ mode . Under the backpack there was a tactical belt in ACUPAT colors with different pouches. There was also a couple for dispenser magazines, four for automatic and two for 40 mm grenades. And a pouch, resembling a machine gun breech casing. The shoes had high quarter, but not the army sample - something more comfortable and practical for the city. In the hands, there were the gloves with leather inserts on the palm. And there was FN SCAR-L Mk.17 (2) in hands and on the shoulder belt with FN EGLM (3) 40mm grenade launcher mounted on the bottom plate and Elcan SpecterDR (4) on the top. Perhaps, the best rear sight for the close and medium ranges . A belt carbine was fastened near the stock, allowing the rifle to move down so that it hung at the chest level. On the telescopic butt was a pistol holster with arranged FN Five-Seven (5) therein, made in Belgium. The Gun was located there for a quick and easy access to it in case if the main weapons would run out of ammo.
To top it all, and perhaps one of the main items of equipment was a watch on a hand. It wasn't just an ordinary clock, but a mini-computer interface through which all agents stayed in touch, could receive intelligence and had a variety of other functions. It should be noted that the clock was only a part of this system, the most interesting part were the lenses that agents wore on their eyes. They transferred all data and images so that the agent received any information by looking at the subject, or to know a street name or any coordinates. Even the number of rounds remaining in the store and physiological characteristics of people. All these were counted and transferred to the lenses' screens.
- Kuper, it's Lola - a woman's voice in a headphone. - I'm moving to the meeting point. Estimated arrival time - 15 minutes.
- Got you, Lola. Advancing.
I took the gun in my hands and walked down the street, preferring to remain in the dark side. The sun had just started its rise and it was illuminating only one side of the street, but after an hour it should shine in full force. This time of the year it won't warm anyway.
It was very close to the point of the meeting was, just a couple of blocks along Madison Avenue. We were supposed to meet on the roof of one of the buildings, where you could look around and evaluate the situation on the streets.
The streets themselves, as well as many places with houses were ruined. There was garbage lying everywhere, cars with broken windows, dogs ran down street. They became quite wild in a couple of weeks, so you should fear entering their territory. Sometimes people turned up on the street - some looters seeking their profit, or civils, some of whom were sick and very weak. Now Madison Street was completely empty. One of the cars was standing with the tail lamps on, that was strange. All the streets were closed a long time ago or flooded with the mountains of garbage, and the traffic of civil transport wasn't possible. So, there was a battery in the car. At these times, a mobile energy source was very valuable, as most of the cars were without the batteries and gasoline, which had been stolen. Having them in a sufficient amount and putting them in a correct sequence, they can be used to provide power to lots of devices, and combined with diesel or gasoline generator, that acquisition became very valuable. Unfortunately, there was neither time nor opportunity to pick up a battery as nine pounds of extra weight can seriously affect mobility, and moreover there were more important aims.
Having reached the required building, I looked at the street and the adjacent buildings. At first sight, everything seemed calm. The building door was opened, letting a little light into the entrance. Being inside, the sensor on the lenses snagged something on the wall. A small sign like a qr-code, which was left by someone from the group. A simple message was encoded there and it was meant for the other group members or agents. Sensor quickly recognized the code and processed it into a message that instantly appeared on the lenses. ęUnit-1 save zone 5 minutes ago." This meant that the building was safe, and the last check of this place was 5 minutes ago. Nevertheless, any agent should always be prepared for any situation. Staircase leading to the roof, stretched to nine flights, and the lifts, of course, were disabled due to the lack of electricity supply. Each door on each floor was open or disappeared with a jamb, showing that all apartments in this house had been cleaned out. Many things lied kicking about on the stairwells. Apparently, looters grabbed everything that met their eyes, and overestimating their own capabilities, got rid of excess along the way. When I reached the door leading to the roof, I knocked, informing the people on the reverse side of my enter. It was an unnecessary precaution, but it was better to warn in advance that someone came to the door, rather than getting a bullet in the forehead.
Lola, Higgs and Ruff were already on the roof, waiting for me. Lola and Higgs, sitting on a ground sheet, laid out the equipment and exchanged the supplies, and Ruff, seemed to contact an operator. Judging by his sweet talk and smile, today our operator was Mirian.
An operational center watched every movement of agents, collected new intelligence data and provided fresh information about upcoming operations. There were also some support resources such as the drones (6), which could accompany the group, surveying in the air. This kind of support was very valuable and useful. Transferring data directly to the agents' lenses, drone could easily detect the enemies behind the protective cover. Having just a little ammunition, the drone provided fire support for the ambushed agents.
- Here you are. We're almost ready - Lola said, looking at me. - Now let's divide the remaining medicines and march off.
I walked past Ruff, slapped him on his shoulder, and received a nod in response, which meant that there would be support . Standing behind Lola and Higgs, I looked over their shoulders. There wasn't much. A couple of hemostatic sponges, one powder, two FFDs, a drip, some painkillers and one anti-virus set .
In the first days group agents tried to help all the possible civils, giving them their emergency medical supplies. They knew soon they would be able to get to one of the supplies laying locations, created for such case. But there appeared to be nothing. Someone had been there before them. Someone had already devastated the warehouse, and currently the supplies were at a critical level.
- Lola?
- If we do not take an object, and if we do not restock, soon we will have nothing to debride even a cut.
- Higgs?
- It's OK with the ammunition. The next time I will also keep such supplies at home .
- There won't be any next time. Well, I hope I'll be in retirement. By the way - I handed to Higgs the Beretta with ammo, that I found. - We don't have excessive things. Now let's prepare.

1. Beretta 92 Caliber: 9 ◊ 19 mm Capacity: 15 rounds. Weight: 1 kg (2 lb) Self-loading pistol, designed in the Italian company Beretta. A pistol safety lock in this model is located on the pistol frame. It turns off when a hand completely covers a pistol handle. Suppressor installation is possible.
2. FN SCAR-L Mk.17 Caliber: 7.62x51NATO. Capacity: 20 rounds. Fire rate: 600 rounds per minute. Effective range: 500 meters (1640.4 feet) Weight: 3.86 kg (8 lb) FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle - combat assault rifle for special operations forces) - a weapon system developed by the American division of the Belgian company FN Herstal. Currently USA rangers use the rifle. It has a telescopic stock and a cheek pad. There are guide rails on the body and the forend for mounting of aiming devices and other accessories. Suppressor installation is possible.
3. FN EGLM Caliber: 40 mm. Capacity: 1 shell. Effective range: 150 meters (492.1 feet) Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) EGLM barrel launcher designed for SCAR rifles and has a distinctive trigger, located under the launching trigger, allowing not to change the position of the hands in combat. In this position you can make a shot using the middle finger, without changing the position of your hand on the handle. Shooting is done by the 40mm grenades, which can be explosive and fragmentation grenades, and also smoke, tear-producing grenades or with the nerve gas.
4. Elcan SpecterDR Weight: 630 grams (1.3 pounds) Double action optical sight. It has an ability to switch magnification from 4x to 1x. The switching is performed horizontally by a clutch. The sight has a ballistic reticle and a distance gauge reticle, allowing you to determine the distance to the goal. There is also a customizable aiming post light, allowing to illuminate a crosshair or a bright dot in the middle.
5. FN Five-Seven Caliber: 5.7 ◊ 28 mm Capacity: 20 rounds Weight: 618 g (1.3 lb) autoloading pistol designed and manufactured by the Belgian company FN Herstal. The gun is designed as a companion to the SMG FN p90 and has a lot of similar characteristics. Its features made ​​it popular in the special forces. The polymers are widely used in the construction. It has a tubular rib for accessories installation. Suppressor installation is possible.
6. Dron or exploratory drone. - An unmanned remotely piloted aircraft for military purposes. In this case it uses a quadcopter capable of monitoring, transmissing the data and supporting a small fire. Flight speed: 20-25 km / h (12.4 -15.5 miles / h) Weight: 2 kg depending on equipment (4.4 pounds) Ceiling height: up to 1 km depending on the equipment (3280.8 feet) Flight duration: up to 1.5 hours depending on the equipment.

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Greetings to all. Here's a new chapter of the story. I started writing it for the Russian-speaking community, but decided to translate and to all comers. The book itself is written in Russian, this chapter will be posted as they transfer. I hope you are interested in this story and would love to hear your feedback.

Kuper Lengston from The Division Russian Community

Part 2
Still empty streets were almost completely covered with the sun. We walked two on each side of the road, bypassing periodically the places with the dogs, and now and then, we met the uninfected civilians. The majority of them was unarmed, but some of them concealed their weapons. Having noticed such persons, we passed a code signal one by one and kept these individuals in the field of vision, making it impossible for a surprise attack.
I'm sure, many of them had already guessed who were the people with military equipage caught on the way, and I'm sure, the majority had thoughts about the possibility of profit and restocking the equipment at their expense.
As a rule, each agent had a week's supply of provisions and 500 rounds of ammunition, as well as the supply of medicines to cure any disease or infection in a quarantine and to treat any injury. Of course, we had no supplies, as in the emergency hospitals, but there was enough to survive. And the cost of all the equipment in the black market had tremendous parameters. There were rumors that you could get a ticket to a helicopter flying from the city, if you pay enough amount of money. Though there was a question - where to fly?
There was no more than one district to the object. Standing near one of the houses, I convened a group.
- We need to look around. There is a high building next to ęRed mangoĽ. From there you can see the nearby roofs and the streets. We will go from Madison. The park is a very open space. Ruff, take Higgs and go to the roof. Give a point to the drone.
Lola stood back to me, looking at the part of the street where we walked. She looked very cheerful, despite the fact that last night the group was unable to sleep and had to change the overnight position in order not to be caught unawares by a prospective opponent.
- Donít worry, everything will work out well. And if not Ė whatís the big idea? I would sew up a new hole in you - Lola said with a chuckle.
Her sarcastic sense of humor sometimes sounded frightening.
- So, do you want to see me without a shirt? - I replied.
- Maybe there wonít be a hole in the shirt?
I didnít know what to say, I was silent, continuing to stare at the empty street. It was like in an urban western, where two vandals should go to the center at noon and start shooting at each other with the first chimes. However, the street was empty, as it seemed at first glance.
The mountains of garbage, the shadows and the blinking car lights played nasty tricks with the imagination. Every once in a while, it seemed that some of the bags turned into a figure of a sitting man.
- Kuper, the house is clean, go up to the roof - a Higgsís voice in the headphone.
- Confirmed, - I replied.
My stomach wambled. I didnít have a meal last time. A substantial bar lay in my breast pocket. Without releasing the rifle, I reached for it with one hand and tore the wrapper with the teeth. It was almost tasteless - some pressed mass containing a concentrate of vitamins and nutrients needed by a body. How I missed a great steak! Juicy one, melting in your mouth, with some spicy sauce and potatoes.
- Are you thinking about meat again? - asked Lola.
- How? How did you know that?
- You are chewing this bar with such delight as if it is a first-class steak.
The air filled with a quiet rumbling, very similar to my stomach rumbling. It was heard from the north, barely audible, but quickly growing and approaching. It was a sound of the flying drone.
- Good afternoon, boys and girls - there was a tiny voice in the headphone. - Mirian has arrived and she is ready to dance. I can see you clearly.
- Higgs and Ruff, we are going down.
- Glad to hear you, Mirian, - I replied. Ė I need an area plan and a threat assessment.
- Iím on my way, - said the operator girl.
I switched the clock interface onto droneís camera and watched streets with its eyes. It flew over my head and headed towards the aim. The data began flowing immediately. The streets around were empty and there wasnít any movement in the neighboring houses.
- Drone, climb to the roof.
As it climbed through the window, you could see that everything in the building was turned upside down. There was obviously someone there, and the chance that an extra margin remained intact, slowly disappeared. The drone went to the roof. There werenít any people on it, but it showed a large water reservoir. Such ones are built to collect rain or snow, which flow into containers. This water was safe to drink. As a rule, these buildings arenít left without attention and it meant that someone lived in the building. We didnít know what kind of welcome was waiting for us.
- Searching is over, Mirian. Iím back to the group.
Higgs and Ruff were already there and were ready to continue going towards the aim.
- What do you think? - asked Higgs.
- I think I have to expend the ammunition - Ruff said.
These two funny guys were like brothers and they didnít even know each other before, but when they got to my group, they became like one family. They constantly made ​​fun of each other, and they worked in a pair as if they did it all their lives.
As far as I know, in the past Higgs was a private detective. His feature was to notice small details and to build tenable conclusions on their base, which often helped us. Ruff was a mechanic. It seemed that he could fix anything, even with the help of the garbage lying around.
- Well, all right. We are moving up to 99th. In case of a contact on the street, shelter in the school. If not - keep on moving and enter the hospital. Move as an integrated group to our aim. We have no time to cleanup the entire hospital, and therefore act very cautiously and quietly. The drone will provide the streets cover and the view of the floors through the windows. We do not know who's here Ė the civilian or the opponents. Therefore, until we know the status, no fire. Even the return one. Many residents are simply scared. They are afraid of looters and robbers, and we donít need the civilian casualties. Donít forget that we are trying to protect them and save their lives and get them back to normal, but not vice versa.
We went in the direction of the Madison and 99th intersection, looking at the windows and the doors of the neighboring buildings on the way. We didnít want to fall into the trap, but everything seemed to be quiet. Of course, in case of the epidemic, all the residents rush into the hospitals, filling them one by one with the great speed, and devastating all the reserves. However, there were extra warehouses, specifically intended for such situations. At least there were two reasons why they might be empty: either someone from the top management of the hospital knew where to look, or some detachment agents came here before. Though, in this case, as we approached to the hospital we would have noticed the label informing that the warehouse was empty. If it were someone from our division, we would know about it long ago. Such data is received, and it should go to the headquarters, but there could be a dozen reasons why it didnít reach.
We got to the door of the main hospital tower. At the time, they were made of glass, but now the entire floor around them was full of chips. Passing the doorways, we appeared in a big hall with columns and a tiled floor. The reception was empty, and all the tables and chairs were smashed into particles in the former cafeteria. Naturally, it was needless to say about food.
Some supplies must remain in large hospitals such as Mount Sinai. Their stores are always closed, and moreover, it would take a lot of people to carry all out. We didnít hope too much, as our task was to find extra storage space, specifically made for our situation.
We proceeded moving on the first floor. There was no sign of the presence and we moved towards the stairs. Our aim was located in the west wing on the eighth floor. When he reached the stairs, we looked around. Certainly, there were several working elevators, as the stairs in such buildings are rarely used. Higgs came to the doorway and began inspecting it. There wasnít any electricity in the building, and if it were, it wouldnít be spend on the elevators, as there was a possibility to stumble upon mined passages. Having inspected and having tested the door, Higgs reached the back pocket of his belt, pulling out the nippers. Opening the door slightly, he put them in the gap and cut something off. Apparently, someone had left a surprise for us.
A trip wire was installed on the backside, which meant that there were people in the building. The trap was set in such a way that it could be removed when you went out. The inhabitants could undermine the doorways, so that no one had a possibility to get to their supplies or homes during their absence. On the way back, it would be better to check the other entry points. Perhaps, there are some charges somewhere. Meanwhile, it is unknown what lies ahead. We arenít used to hope that everything comes easily, according to a plan and without any resistance.
- Thatís all - whispered our engineer. - Plus a grenade.
He took it off the fastener and threw it to Lola.
- Donít you love making a noise?
Higgs rechecked the door and when he was sure that now we werenít under threat, he opened it. Stairwell appeared to be clean. I went first, trying to walk as quietly as possible. The steps were full of litter and broken glass, which crunched very meanly underfoot. Each step could betray us to the enemy. If an alleged enemy knows about our presence, he will meet us on the stairs, as it is a very complicated matter to storm the stairwells.
Lola and Higgs moved behind me, and Ruff brought up the group, moving backwards and covering our escape route. We were going up the stairs, keeping covered the upper stairwells and moving as quietly as possible. Nothing indicated that there was someone here, and that made me feel more ill at ease.
- Dron - Mirian began reporting. Ė There are no signs of the presence in the windows. Continue patrolling.
- How is it said in the movies? I have a bad feeling - commented Ruff.
- Donít yelp! - Lola replied.
We reached the seventh floor. Our goal was the next one. There we expected to find a supply of the medicines. Higgs began inspecting the door again, but it didnít take long. He signaled with the gestures to let us know that there was nothing on the door and he was ready to open it. We stood on both sides of the door and we prepared to enter. I nodded to Higgs and he opened the door letting me the first. Everyone who entered, was examining his or her sector and covered it, being ready to meet resistance at any moment. There was no one on the floor again.
We did not have a scanner, and now we had to operate in the same old way. There was a long corridor, stretching forward, with the cambers in different directions. There was a large room at the end of the corridor, which was our aim. We saw a metal door at the end, which must be sealed. Now we could say that it was closed. We began to move slowly down the corridor towards it, looking into each chamber. Ruff was bringing up the group again, covering the back and controlling the ladder where we came from. One by one, we checked each chamber and each one had been turned upside down. All the medicines, the droppers, the bandages and other equipment were taken without remainder. Even the sheets with couches. They had a special impregnation, which protected them from disease-causing bacteria, and they also had a moisture repellency. They can be used for many purposes, including its usage as a material for tents. All this stuff had a huge cost at the black market, even the highest one, except, perhaps, the cost of the ammunition and the weapons. Those, who managed to profit here, are clearly not in poverty now.
We reached the end of the corridor and faced a huge metal door, which locked a storage area. That was our warehouse. She was all exected and wrinkled - someone tried to open it with an ax or simply threw everything in it. A small panel hung next to it on the left; to be more exact, it should be a panel for the magnetic cards. However, it was broken too and all the wires were stuck out. Someone tried to short - circuit it, but without any success. Despite all the efforts, the door was still closed, because of the fact that this store was made just for such cases. Armored door, backup source of electricity, protected access panel.
- What's next? - asked Higgs.
- We will open it.
- How? The panel is broken.
- Well, donít we have a mechanic? - I smiled in response.
Ruff, keeping an eye on the corridor, nodded and threw off his backpack. Opening it and taking out the tools, he began working with the panel.
- I think itís a kid stuff. - Ruff commented.
- Maybe thatís so, but we donít have much time on it. So, do your work and donít distract, - followed a lightly cranky Higgsís answer.
I was thinking about our next actions. The medicines were only the first part. We needed ammunition and provisions, primarily the cartridges, because it is better to stay alive and hungry, rather than full and dead. There was a police department at 102 and Lexington. This was our next aim.
It took no more than three minutes for Ruff to finish by clicking a plastic protective cap.
- Thatís all.
I went to the panel and raised my smart watch to it. A slight buzz made it clear that now the door would open. A mechanism grinded and the door began moving off to the side, opening a passageway into the warehouse. There was a view of a medium-sized room in front of us, a little more than a chamber, full of racks. The boxes with the medicines were on each of the shelves.
- Jackpot, gentlemen - exclaimed Lola with whisper. - So, we are looking for antibacterial, antiemetic medicines, promedol, aphin, pantothenatecide , bandages and hemostatic. It will not be difficult as in the supermarkets. Just read and throw into your backpacks. Instead of price tags - the name on the box. Take a total of 16 packages.
- Higgs, continue monitoring the corridor - I ordered and went to the shelves taking a backpack off my back.
It was really like a small supermarket. The stocks would be enough for a platoon. However, we didnít have to take much. Firstly, it would slow us down. Secondly, we needed to leave something to the other groups. We were not the ones who had an access here. Now we knew exactly where we could restock, in case if we were close and if we still needed it. Nevertheless, there was another problem. I still remembered about the trip wire and I started to get nervous because we hadnít met the inhabitants of this hospital. Of course, it was big, and they couldnít be aware of our presence, but an uneasy feeling didnít leave me. The supplies werenít touched and we were the first group that used them, and therefore there werenít "our" people in the building. And indeed, the agents wouldnít leave surprises, risking to harm the civilians.
Having finished the loading of the medication, I decided to check out the rest of the building. After all, someone had to be here. I had to figure out who it was and to prevent possible victims.
When we finished with the medicines, we walked out of the warehouse. I leaned back my smart watch to the panel and the door began closing.
- Higgs, leave a marker.
Marker was a small code that we drew on the wall. The code contained all the possible information: when and what kind of a group was here, the stockroom status, possible dangers and the other stuff. These markers were placed at the important sites and their entrances. Approaching such markers, our devices directly read the information from them and passed on the lens.
- We need to keep on moving, but firstly we should check the roof. Letís go to the stairs, but we will use the other way - I pointed with my hand.
We headed for the eastern pavilion of the eighth floor. There was a view of a park with the bare trees like burned by fire, but this city was caught by a disease. I used to go to this park, even with her. We liked to arrange the small picnics on sunny days. We lay on the lawn, looked at the clouds and the people. We didnít need words and long conversations about anything, we felt comfortable without them.
We reached the door leading to the stairs and Higgs again stepped forward, checking the doorway. It slowed us every time, but better to be alive than fast. The door appeared to be without any surprises, and Higgs went first. We went out on the stairs, which was also clean. A feeling of anxiety grew more and more in me. I was expecting a trick or a moment when the enemy who had been watching us a long time, would face us. The feelings were escalating second-by-second, but they didnít find a response.
We continued climbing the roof - the most possible meeting point. There was a water reservoir, and it couldnít be just left unattended. A source of clean water was very valuable and the water was traded in the underground. Having a constant water flow, you could buy everything you need. However, we couldnít carry a barrel. It would slow you down, attract a lot of attention, and in the end, it could be just taken away. So, there should be reserves on the roof. And where is the water, there should be the people.
We approached the door leading to the roof. Higgs stepped forward again with checking. I stayed to watch him working. Each team member had similar skills, including me, but anyone could envy the Higgsís experience. A minute later, he was holding another grenade, carefully removing it into the pouch.
- Very well, sir, - he said to Ruff. - This time, I will give you this honor.
To be continuedÖ

1. SIG 716 tactical. Caliber: 7.62 ◊ 51 NATO. Magazine capacity: 20 rounds of ammunition, assault rifles SIG 716 is a new product of the American division of the international weapons concern SIG-Sauer. Itís a variant of M16 rifle, made according to the military standard.
2. Remington 11-87 Tactical. Gauge: 12 (chamber length 76 mm) Weight: approximately 3.6 (7.9 pounds) Shop: 5 or 7. A 11-87 rifle model was developed in 1987 by the American firm Remington as a modification of the earlier model. The models 11-87 Police / Tactical are widely used by various police departments in the U.S.A. and they are also exported. A standard magazine capacity - 5 rounds, which can be increased up to 7 rounds by setting an extension on the front part.