View Full Version : Assassin's Creed IV is awesome with 3D helix patch done but not in compatbility mode

07-11-2014, 03:45 AM
The 3D patch by 3DMigoto was the major selling point for me. I checked it out to make sure the patch worked and it was so amazing I went and bought it on DVD. So personally for me anyway it was 3DMigoto's patch from the Helix 3D blog that caused me to buy the game. I never tried Assassin's Creed before because the guy looked kind of anime, but running around in Venice which may not be accurate but made my stomach turn. (Final Fantasy 10 made me hate anime forever)

I have had a hell of a time with the Ubisoft launcher and swore never to by another Ubisoft game after my old ubisoft account from Far Cry 1 became invalid and i couldn't remember the email address that went with itso there goes San Fransisco (I emailed and they said they would look into it and then I never heard from them again). Also Far Cry 3 had to be cracked before the 3D patch even worked with that game whic is just as well because it was tied to the same account.

Anyway I forgot to check who made this game and realized it was Ubisoft while installing, but I am having a great time playing it in 3D.

I am just mentioning this because for a few people who have managed to get it working and have had the money to on spend Stereoscopic gaming (with Nvidia 3D vision anyway) have just fallen in love with it and for any game that relies on visual spectacles it is a huge awe multiplier. (Metro: Last Light literally made my jaw drop several times and I was so immersed in it was a like a mind trip). So for some people it is a HUGE factor, although I doubt it makes up a large part of the market due to cost and how complicated it is getting the Hardware and settings all together.

Also I tried it in Compatibility Mode and I was not happy with it. The patch by 3Dmigoto is what made me by the game. It is fun to have an arcade style pirate game as well of course, but compatibility mode makes it look more like 3D movie which is nice but not nearly as impressive (nor worth the amount of money required to set everything up).

07-11-2014, 05:42 AM
:( Wah! I just finished reinstalling the game after reformatting the HDD and installing an SSD drive while I was at it. Now I realize that when I backed up my documents i backed up the config settings but none of my save games!

As much as I love the game I'm thinking about having to go sink all those ships again, go through Kenway's Fleet again, skin all those animals, do all those quests and I'm not too keen on it right now. What a drag!

I thought save games almost always goto my documents so when i saw the folder I thought I was fine.

By the way I also had the unfortunate experience of buying Silent Hunter V, Cliffs of Dover, and can no longer play my copies of Driver:San Fransisco and Far Cry 3 even though I have the keys for them and the packaging. When I sent in an email I got 1 response then no one ever spoke to me again and ignored my only request for an update on what was happening with the issue.

Based on my experience with Customer Service this is usually due to a company changing its procedures through expansion or acquiring new products and losing control of everything so that customer service doesn't have the manpower, the training, or a consistent system to rely on and they then can't handle all the issues that come up. Confusion, delay, and paralysis ensues.

I remember Silent Hunter III fondly and I still play Il-2 Sturmovik to this day and I really want to enjoy Assassin's Creed IV, but it seems like Ubisoft is absolutely determined to spoil everything.

Summarizing all that put me in a bad mood so I'll also mention how ******ed the Animus scenes are. They break the immersion quite impressively.

Thanks for helping me realize just how superior Steam is as a store and publisher and I strongly recommend just using Steam as they have the system down and the few technical issues I had with them were solved brilliantly. Again I like the game it's just really hard to enjoy it with all these additional issues.

Oh wait! I never actually reformatted the old drive! I replaced it with an SSD and a new HDD duh! All Ihave to do is rip my external HDD out of its case and put in the old HDD and hopefully that will let me get them back! Annoying but I was seriously going to give up on the game

07-11-2014, 05:59 AM
I've always been curious, what framerate do you play at with 3D enabled?

07-11-2014, 07:22 AM
Well everything is working now and I'm happy. I guess its not really ubisofts fault if I lose my save games while reformatting the computer and always have a backup is the lesson.

The sea shanties are a nice touch the ocean waves are lots of fun and the fact that they put in hand to hand animations for the musket is great as is all the rest of the detail. And the 3d is amazing of course.

07-11-2014, 07:32 AM
Most games you don't notice any fps drop in DX9 but I do get FPS drop with some DX11 games. There are some games for whatever reason that do really drop. As well the patch's don't seem to really effect the FPS but fix the effects except the open_gl one maybe. I have an AMD quad core and used to have a triple core and I could run the graphics much higher in Metro 2033 after although I doubt they were maxed out.

With Batman Arkham city for example I had to run it in DX9 for 3D but Arkham City it ran with DX11 just fine. Far Cry 3 I had to play in DX9 becasue that was what the 3D patch supported, I couldn't run it maxed out, but it still looked really good.

Oh yeah and excuse my language there I shouldn't have used that one.

07-11-2014, 10:06 PM
Looks like for me I can run Black Flag with HBAO+(low) and have shadows set to high but no soft shadows. That's due to what thew patch does. Besides that everything can be set to high most of the time and the game runs fine, but every so often ocean combat slows down when there's a lot of action and smoke. I set the game to medium settings and everything runs well and it still looks great.

07-12-2014, 07:27 AM
Well everything is working now and I'm happy. I guess its not really ubisofts fault if I lose my save games while reformatting the computer and always have a backup is the lesson..

That's good to hear, I can certainly empathize; I believe I've done that before with ACI save data (after getting a majority of the collectibles no less) when I switched out some of my components and installed a different copy of Windows. But it's a good lesson learned, as you said. :)


The 3D stuff sounds interesting ... I use a 3D capable monitor but I've never gone so far as to pick up the other necessary equipment. I've read opinions on both sides of the fence, although the people that use it seem to really enjoy it. May I ask what graphics card you use? Thanks for your impressions about those other games as well as Black Flag, it may be something I have to research more in the future.