View Full Version : Review of Griffin Bane

07-10-2014, 08:29 AM
After the economic blunder of base set 2 and HoN, ubi realised many players leaving because of the stupid economy and extremely hard campaign for new players as they dont have all faction decks. However Griffin Bane changed a lot but not all

1. No flavor texts, not a major flaw
2.Too low login reward
3.best things in seals only
4.wildcard reward too low
5.Players who joined after HoN and just finished the campaign didnt get the expected reward for a ridiculous campaign

1.Reasonable wildcard cost reduction
2.Starter decks available through achievement
3.lots of achievements
4.cost of HoN to be reduced to 15000
5.hide duplicate card feature
6.More attraction for new players with higher reward for campaign
7.Attraction for old players withj new strategies and refer a friend, dont know whether the latter will ever be available