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07-08-2014, 09:04 PM
Alright, so how would one use a break event and a physics event at the same time?

Example: I want to make a grate break apart when the player drives over it, but also want it to stay in place until they drive over it. I want the pieces to fall down below.

I'm sure someone knows how to do this, any and all help is very much appreciated.

I'd give out gold star stickers for anyone who helps, but I've seem to run out at the moment. :p

07-08-2014, 10:52 PM
a couple of quick suggestion if i understand the problem correctly

"want it to stay in place until they drive over it"
1.you could place an area trigger so that when you hit it with your frontwheel, the backwheel are over the box/crate.
2.you could delay the impuls with a few ticks.

"break event and a physics event at the same time"
Use a splitter to point several events to one object.

i can explain this much better after work tomorrow if needed.

07-09-2014, 01:59 AM
I have tried that already. That was literally the very first thing I thought of doing! I tried doing both of them at the same time, but it causes the dummy object, or physics joint, (whatever it is that is created when you glue objects together, the thing in the center) to just fall downwards through the map. I'm going to try delaying them so that it breaks, and then physics occur. Hopefully this will work, although I'm not too sure.

So I've tried the area trigger/splitter method. So I suppose I'll try a combination with the delayed impulses.

07-09-2014, 08:46 AM
wouldn't a hit trigger into a break event just do the trick,
and the delay filter can delay it a bit if you desire that

07-09-2014, 10:23 AM
You'd assume so, but they don't actually move unless they have physics. xP So that's where the issue is at. I suppose I could have them with physics on, but linked with a dummy object with physics off, that would probably work perfectly. the break event would cause the grate to break, and the dummy object which is invisible, and can't be impacted can just stay where it is. But thanks! :D You got my mind working in the right direction.

07-09-2014, 03:50 PM
hey dude, have you tried the break event option called break glue group or summing, it then adds a pivot point force to blow the objects apart, i've never used or even tested this, have fun :)

07-10-2014, 10:17 AM
@dasraizer. Yeah, that's actually what I was talking about haha. I used this in a track I made when I had a self made satellite collide with the ground and explode into a gajillion pieces.

@fleskeknoke I got it to work! forget using a physics event, it seems to actually be useless. For now, use a delay method. Run a variable data source to the physics option with your grouping. have it so .016 seconds after the physics are enabled, the break event occurs. You can have it to where the variable data source can be activated via a trigger with the state event. Then voila! I had to go back to an old track on Fusion to see how I did it the first time, but it works perfectly. I am relatively new to the creator but I hope this helps. If you need help with it, like how to set up the logic; I can take a few screenshots of my setup, there may be an easier method to it but it's how I got it to work.