View Full Version : [PS3] Naval routes stuck on 80% risk

07-01-2014, 09:14 PM
I've cleared all of the Naval Privateer Contracts, but the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands routes' risk are stuck at 80%. I've been searching the web since yesterday, but haven't found much of anything that I need, other than people stating that the glitch happened to them as well, so I've come to ask:

1- What triggers this glitch ? It seems that there's something that we should or should not do at some point in the game, and I'd like to know what it is, if possible... (maybe... clearing the routes before having Lance at level 2, or even owning naval convoys, triggers it ? Or is the trigger something else ?). If anyone knows, I'd like your information for any future playthroughs of this game, please;

2- In an ongoing playthrough (savefile), is there anyway to fix this glitch and bring back the risk to 5% on both routes ?

Other than this one glitch, I was wondering, has the land convoy glitch been fixed with patch 2.0.4 ? (the one where, if the convoy was not defended from an attack, it would be impossible to craft a new one in its place if the glitch occurred).

Thanks in advance.

07-01-2014, 10:24 PM
Hi and Welcome ChloeSMV,

I also play on the ps3 and have the latest patch installed. So far I've lost a few land convoys due to attacks, but I was able to craft replacements. Not sure if I was lucky or if the problem is indeed fixed. Hopefully the latter.

But this is my first time hearing about the 80% risk glitch. Hopefully someone with more knowledge comes along and helps us out.

07-02-2014, 10:25 PM
Thanks, Ureh!

Well, I beat the game, and then restarted it right away from the beginning, exclusively to test this glitch. I haven't found an answer at all.

1- Completing the missions which clean the Bahamas without having leveled up Lance or having a convoy does not trigger the glitch;

2- Completing such missions while not having any convoys and with Lance level 2 does not trigger the glitch;

3- Completing such missions while having both Lance level 2 and naval convoys does not trigger the glitch;

4- A combination of other tests, like, doing "Sinking A Secret" and "Ghost War" DLC missions BEFORE the routes's missions does not trigger the glitch either, nor does it trigger by completing all of the main naval missions (Biddle) BEFORE cleaning up the routes.

So, I do not know what causes it. Is it random ? Or is it that these tests were done only by Sequence 10 ? (which would mean cleaning up the routes before Sequence 10 glitches the Bahamas and Virgin Islands)... It doesn't make any sense having to postpone some of these missions because of a glitch, since some of them happen in 1773,74,75. Ubisoft should have more love for their own babies, quite honestly.

It is hypocritical to make anti-piracy campaigns (not to mention bragging that their industry is twenty times wealthier than Hollywood) and then produce half-baked titles with so many glitches and no debugging done on them, nor patching them afterwards AT ANY TIME during their life.