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06-28-2014, 09:41 AM
I have an Asus 247T screen if it helps to know...

So I just bought this game to play on PC after finishing AC3 also on PC. I never had to adjust anything on my screen or the ingame brightness in AC3 and it was really fine for me. But when I got on to the next installment of the series my eyes were burning from the brightness and contrast of the game. Especially when you get to Havanna or the other cities the contrast was to high that I couldn't really see.
I tried to adjust the ingame brightness but it got worse because it didn't dull down the contrast so the pure white part in the sunlight stayed like that and the shadow parts just got more intense. I adjusted my screen brightness and contrast way lower so I could play and I also have to sit closer to the screen now to see the game better. I don't have any windows or light behind me or behind the screen so that isn't the issue. I played AC3 a bit further from my screen just fine and it was better to my ergonomy.

Are there any more settings in the game that I might have missed that would help in this or do I just have to adjust the screen settings when I play? I understand that the game is supposed to be very vibrant and lively coloured and also mainly played on the console so there the TV screen is way bigger and the contrast might not be an issue there...

Is this just a preference issue or is the game really unnaturally bright? :confused:

06-28-2014, 05:52 PM
no, you have an issue here, post your system specs please.

07-01-2014, 11:10 AM
no, you have an issue here, post your system specs please.

I actually managed to meddle a bit more with my screen settings (wich were really ****ed up to be frank) so that the flushed out look is only at daytime at the flat rooftops and the highest point of the lightly coloured buildings. My game now looks like something like this: http://static.gosunoob.com/img/ac4_map//Havana_viewpoints_ac4_131026_1543_22.jpg
And I can dull down that level of whiteness in my screen settings to a bit more grey/cool shade but then the contrast in the white texts and UI thingies would be lost and it would be annoying to set it everytime, so I think its good as it is.
The problem is now nonexistant but thanks for the concern! Maybe AC3 color scheme was just more suited to my sensitive eyes I suppose :cool:

Here are my specs anyways:
GeForce GTX560 Ti
Intel Core i7-3770K 3.50Ghz
16Gb RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate