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06-27-2014, 12:16 PM
Dear fellow forum member and Ubisoft staff
I am starting this thread in order to ask about certain information on Assassin's creed 4 Black flag
Today, i just purchased Standard edition of AC4 from Steam then suddenly i realize there is a Deluxe edition. I have not install it yet, cause i would like to know could i upgrade it into deluxe edition or i have to buy another game? thank you for reading this.
I am looking forward to hearing from you

06-27-2014, 12:57 PM
I think you have to ask the steam support for those questions.
As far as I know there is no direct update but maybe they will give you a refund for the standard edition so you could buy the deluxe edition. (Although I fear that they might not answer before the 50% deal ends. Better start your ticket soon to have a chance!)

06-28-2014, 12:00 AM
your best bet is to contact Ubisoft support, explain your issue and attach the invoice and see what they advise. i dont want to sound negative but im not sure if this is possible since its on steam not directly from Ubishop.

alternatively, you can buy AC4 season pass which contains all contents from all editions (ULCs), in addition to all DLCs which is what i would recommend in your situation.

06-28-2014, 07:24 AM
Season Pass does not contain the Aveline DLC.

06-28-2014, 05:56 PM
Season Pass does not contain the Aveline DLC.

well, you are right BUT tbh this DLC is completely worthless, better to play Liberation instead

06-28-2014, 06:10 PM
Personally - I would have contacted Steam support - since they are the retailer… and the people you have paid..

If you did not start the game - they may be able to refund the cost of it - which you can use to buy the Deluxe edition - however that is down to them.

Ubisoft support - are highly unlikely to be able to help, since they won't be able to exchange a key for a different version of the game, due to you buying the 'wrong' version - where as Steam may offer.