View Full Version : Launch Steam version without Steam?

06-23-2014, 07:31 PM
Hello, so I got this in the Steam sale, and I love it. You can probably imagine though that I'm less than thrilled to play this game via two clients at the same time, but whatever, I knew it was coming. Here's my question: since the product is also registered to my Uplay account, can I delete the game from Steam, install the game via Uplay and at least have Steam out of the mix? Or will it do what I think it will do and still install the game via Steam anyway?
Thanks in advance.

09-06-2014, 01:20 PM
Agree, I came here looking for and to say the same.

I think that is absurd that I cannot just download Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon through the Uplay Client and Launch and play the game without having to have Steam Client also launch and run.

I tried uninstalling the game in Steam hoping to get a Download Button in the Uplay Client but it just downloads it through Steam again.

Dumb double DRM redundancy? I guess the only way around this is to only buy retail UPlay activated games "without Steam key integration", or just don't buy any more Ubisoft games at all.

A shame gone are the days you can just install, lunch your single player games and play without clients and/or multiple DRM hoops, unless you are a pirate, "multi no cd fixed files" to avoid both "DRM UPlay and Steam clients and achievements, multi-player".

I doubt Ubisoft cares to remove the Steam launcher, and/or make it playable through Uplay only.