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So I was sure I'd posted about this once before but profile says it never actually made it to the boards. Anyway, I'm currently trying to get into DigiPen, I'm hoping to get my MFA in Digital Art. My "what I want to be when I grow up" dream is that I get my MFA, then get into Ubisoft's graduate program, preferably to be a game designer or an art director. Since there's a location in France, I believe its in Paris, I'm hoping that speaking french will help me get into the program since we have to spend our second year abroad.

So I've got a million ideas for games. I suppose I don't know if its actually true or if its just hype posted in a gaming news site but I've heard that Ubisoft is going to be looking to include more diversity in their games in the future and to really try to create material that will apply to a wider demographic. I'm really curious how the process works at the company for new game ideas. Anyway here's my most thought out big idea.

The idea is for a new installment of Assassin's Creed, staring Desmond's mother as the ancestor and from the perspective of a young idealist templar, a woman, trying to "save the world". The game starts off with the following piece of dialogue in the young woman's voice. Its a bit long but I think put to the right clips, and done well, it would be a really amazing monologue that would setup the game well. Even if you've been an Assassin's Creed fan for years, its going to make you realize you don't know anything about their world and hopefully for the first time make you identify with the Templars.


"You've been lead to believe that things are black and white, with little room for gray of any kind. Assassin's are good, templars are bad. You've been told that we want to control the world, as if we wished to be the First Civilization reborn with Templars on top and everyone else beneath us. You've been told, that while a few of us are really interested in helping humanity, we're just poor confused sheep looking, willing to make a deal with the devil to create world peace. The Assassin's have you convinced that what we propose is utterly wrong, that using the pieces of eden in any manner is mind control and stealing humanity's free will. Ask yourself, if either side were really so wrong and transparently naive, why would anyone devote their lives to it? Now, who has the most to gain from giving you a single point of view and who have you been getting your information from?

" What you fail to recognize is that every thought possible that a human being, with your experiences, is physically capable of thinking is constantly floating around your head at all times. Thoughts you would never allow into your mind in a million years, thought that only a serial killer or worse, could ever think... there they are, waiting beneath the surface.

"Your mind has a filter, it decides what thoughts to bring to the surface. Your 'choice', what you think of as free will, is multiple choice and an occasional attempt to pull something meaningful out of the grab bag of your subconscious. From those options we make choices based on momentary emotional disposition and past experience. Not quite what you had pictured is it?

"Our mind's filter, it selects choices based on our addiction to chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. What's the fastest way to get a fix that isn't utterly inconceivable in this moment? What's conceivable in this moment, how strong is my filter today? Do I do something kind or do I do something sadistic? Which is going to make me feel safe and in control of my environment? The more often I do or see an action being done, the more reasonable and conceivable it seems to me in any moment. You can begin to see how quickly everything goes awry when we're rewarded for bad choices. But what if there was no reward for doing the wrong thing?

"What we are suggesting is merely to tell the mental filters of everyone to edit out any thoughts which would be knowingly harmful towards another human being or mankind and to bring to the surface and encourage thoughts of kindness and helping others. What we want is to increase the brain's positive reinforcement for committing acts of kindness, and remove any reward for sadistic acts.

"If a serial killer tomorrow never got another molecule of dopamine or serotonin for killing anyone, if the filters in that person's mind were strengthened so that the thought of killing never rose to the surface, and if we could increase the negative reinforcement for any act that was selfish or cruel, they'd never kill again. Within a month they'd make Mother Teresa look like a gang banger.

"A human being who is rewarded for doing things that are kind, productive, or selfless and who feels guilty or ashamed for doing things that are cruel, destructive, or self serving to the degree that it hurts other people. Last I checked that's what we all wanted to be. Unfortunately many of us don't get the chance to develop into the kind of person we wish we could be. But what if we could?

"We're not talking about zombies, mindless human slaves to do our or anyone else's bidding. What we are talking about comes down to downloading a software patch to the operating system of everyone on earth via the pieces of eden. System patch not a remote log-in.

"What's more there are reasons, now more than ever, that we need to pull together. You think Juno is our biggest worry? Not Juno and not even the Assassin's are as big of a danger as what's coming.

"Desmond did the right thing, keeping humanity, civilization going. We might not always like groups we infiltrate, but we have one goal and one purpose 'Still and retreat the entropy of the Universe'. We work from within to keep humanity alive.

"The Assassins? They get fat and wealthy off destruction and chaos. Neither group truly has one single leadership. They can't agree what needs to be destroyed and what should be kept, so there's always some Assassin out to destroy whatever random institution they've deemed evil, then like scavengers they pick through the rubble. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some cell out to destroy the postal service. (laughs)

"The Templars? We withhold judgment till a clear decision can be made. Right or wrong, beneficial or counter productive, we're patient, we like to wait and see. Sadly too often we wait too long to make a decision. We've been known to throw our lot in with the wrong sort, hoping to redeem them so we can keep humanity going and use their resources to further our goals. You can't exactly further humanity through discovery and innovation if a nuke sends us all back to the stone age.

"The issues is there are many who argue that more often than not, those we hope to redeem instead infect and corrupt, taking too many of our best down with them before they have to be dealt with. As much as I wish it weren't true, I agree with them. We need all hands on deck if we're going to stop what's coming, meaning we can't afford fools who are going to try to hold anyone else back.

"But we too are human. The people we're most interested in using the pieces of eden on are ourselves, not our comrades in arms, ourselves. How empowering it would be, to know that what we think is the right thing to do, was not in fact our own minds looking out for their own self interests, attempting to sabotage any altruistic intentions we might have and protecting its own prejudices. Sadly very often this becomes the case in any cell, on either side, when it becomes too insular. Dealing with one's own is never pleasant business, no matter how its done.

"What would the Assassins think if they knew that they had worked as hit squads for the Templars?

(At this point we can see the young woman's face looking out the window of a skyscraper, rain hammer against the glass. She looks exactly like Lucy Stillman. A group of new recruits stand behind her, hang on her every word. Her eyes are a little misty and she wipes them with her sleeve before her students can see. She turns back to look at her students.)

"We don't normally recruit people your age, you're here either because you came to us of your own free choice after becoming disillusioned with the Order of Assassins or we approached you because you offer some special skill set that is hard to come by. You've all been thoroughly vetted through use of the animus that you harbor no loyalties to the Assassins, but not even despising our enemies is enough to join the fraternity, not in New York. If we're going to invest our time and money into you, we're not interested in hiring mercenaries. We want champions of the cause, adults treated as such, trusted to know everything that we do and the why behind it all.

"If you're harboring any doubts, please I don't want anyone's time, yours or mine, to be wasted. Since acquiring the apple, we've been able to reverse engine much of its technology. Consequently the animus technology has progressed exponentially, allowing us to not only give memories but take them allowing us to be more open with new recruits about what we know. If at anytime this week you decide that this just isn't for you, we will erase every memory back up until this afternoon before you met with us. You will find yourself back in your specific the meeting spot, your memory altered so that it will appear as though we simply never showed up to get you.

"In the course of this week you will receive the knowledge skills and wisdom of several millennia. The memories of every being, human or first, that has ever been added to the network will be uploaded into your mind as you live through them all. The apple allows us to physically rewire and optimize the power of your brains themselves. Even those of you that have never had any blood relation to the first or Adam and Eve, and have had no access to any of the powers given to those bloodlines, before we're done here, you will all possess every power we've ever been able catalog. YOU will be our frontline. With your help we will find the remaining pieces of Eden, free the minds of humanity from their own savagery, and save the world if not the universe from catastrophic events which loom closer with every passing minute."

(A student raises their hand and asks) "Lieutenant Eve, if I might ask, I heard someone call you Lucy Stillman and then someone else said no she died and you're Eve but I looked at the wall of fallen heroes downstairs... your picture was up with the name Lucy Stillman, was she your sister?"

(Lieutenant Eve looks over at her friend, Tom, a tech expert who you'll discover in the game is part of the team that has been reverse engineering the apple and using the tech to advance the animus project, he was also friends with Lucy Stillman and the main reason Even is here. He's leaning against a computer desk, smiles and waves at her. She gives him a frustrated look and sighs trying not to let her annoyance show too much as she blows a lock out of her face and begins her little elevator speech on her origins.)

"Lucy Stillman was a hero who died for the cause which she deeply believed in, and she will always be fondly remember by everyone here. Upon her death a sample of her genetic material was recovered and added to the animus, those of you that go through training will in fact gain all of her memories. Upon acquisition of the apple, the fraternity was able to discover how to use its time nexus and in conjunction with research gathered from a former Abstergo employee, were able to learn how to create adult clones of a person, body and mind. Yes, I am genetically identical to Lucy Stillman, yes I have all of her memories up to the moment she died, yes using the time nexus an exact copy of what is understood to be a soul was copied from Lucy Stillman and put into me. Even with all of this though I am not Lucy Stillman. Lucy Stillman died and from that moment on, everything about her became infinitely reproducible. Every moment since my creation I've distinguished myself as a unique individual. In fact I took the name Eve because as a side effect of my creation, the animus affects me more strongly so I'm limited in the number of times I can use the animus before I lose touch with myself, I selected Eve as the first person I wished to join in the animus. Now, any other questions before we get started?"

(Another student raises their hand, Eve nods.) "What is this horrible something that's coming?"

"To be able to understand the answer to that, you'll have to step into the animus and come to the realization yourself. Now no more questions. Unless anyone has decided to quit (everyone shakes their head) you can go to your assigned station and begin your animus training, you're dismissed." (All of the students head over to the tiered platform with animus units overlooking the cityscape. She starts walking down a hall, Tom beside her. She begins reading a file he hands her as they continue walking down the hall at a brisk pace.)

"So do we actually have any idea what this great terrible horrible evil thing is yet or we going to keep going with we're not entirely sure but we know its really super duper bad?"

Ted answers "Not yet. We've been able to use Desmond's DNA to complete the dried samples his mother left behind when she escaped during the raid."

"How has no one found her yet? She hasn't gone back to either side. I mean it makes sense that she'd be hiding out from them but what does she think, we've got them hiding in the building around every corner waiting to take their revenge?"

"Like you said, sometimes your worst enemy can be disguised as one of your own people, she's been betrayed far too many times by both sides to trust easily. Now that we're ready to send someone in we'll be able to find out everything she knew up until the raid on the breeding compound. We'll figure it out. Whatever the information is, it has to be among her memories and if she's got the piece with her or hidden it we'll know. All that's left is to send someone in."

"I'm going."

"WHAT?!" Tom looks horrified "No, no you're not. You won't have separation between yourself and the animus that anyone else would have, every emotional scar she ever suffered, you'll suffer, you won't get to pull out when things get too harsh or upsetting. She's an exceptional woman who's lead an exceptional life, but I don't know anyone who's been so wronged by the Assassins, hell even by us, as she has. Best case scenario, you're emotionally scarred for life but you pull through it, worst case scenario you don't come out of it at all. I can't let you do it, I won't."

(Eve stops and looks Tom in the eyes.) "Tom, I realize that Lucy was your closest friend, I know you were hers two. I've got all her memories and I care for you deeply, but I'm not her. (Eve looks down) I'm not responsible for Lucy's mistakes but she would have owed this to Desmond. If she'd dealt with things better and faster, things might have ended differently for Desmond. I'm not doing this to find out what's coming or where the piece is, I'm doing this to bring her home and make sure she's safe. Even if Eve does owe her that, the Templars do, and Lucy did. That's good enough for me."

"Fine, then I'm running tech the whole time for you. You're not doing this without me."

(Eve smiles) "I wouldn't have it any other way."


So for this story I've actually got a ton more scenes planned out in my head but here's the big hit points of the game:

- Tiana, a young woman of color who though mixed appears mainly african american, who would eventually become Desmond's mother was born in Georgia in the 1950's. The story starts out she's a young girl in a taffeta dress with full skirt and petticoat and white patent leather shoes, walking along tree branches, fences and rain gutters like its nothing. We see her kiss her adorable gal pal and realize she likes girls.
- She gets home as the clan are coming up to her home. Making use of some very heavy fire power, they manage to murder her entire family, parents siblings and her grandmother, burn her house down and put a burning cross in the front yard, supposedly because her mother was black and her dad was white. Like quite a few children of the order she been trained and raised her entire life so she runs to find the cell her parents belong to hidden in the swamp, where she discovers the man who orchestrated the attacks on her family was hired by her father's cell. The reason being that the men who belong to her father's cell were angry they were take orders from a black woman, and they believed the good book and declaration of independence says that straight white men are the one's who are supposed to be equal not "stupid *****es who don't know thems place, not mongrels, not ***gots or perverts, and certainly not some dirty ape negroes." These men, who are born again christians, believe that the civil right movement is meant to enslave the white man and knock him from his god given place at the pinnacle of society which will lead to the ruin of the nation, so they want to destroy the civil rights movement and anyone for it. WAY later down the road in the game you'll actually kill these guys but to start with you just have to sneak into the house unnoticed, get evidence on them, and the contact information/emergency on the run kit of her parents hid.
- So she ends up going to LA to live with Dorthy Dandridge, and meet some of the old hollywood elite. (A lot of side missions getting you trained up in game occur on the Hollywood lots.) Dorthy ends up being killed by the same men who killed your parents (they of course make it look like barbiturate poisoning), after which you hunt them down and kill them all. You start going to the Black Cat Tavern when it opens and are there for the riots that begin New Years 1967. After you end up killing a cop to save the lives of some of your friends, you end up having to leave to move to New York City.
-You get to New York City in 1968, and 90% of the game happens within the five boroughs (my dream would be if the entire city of New York could be completely modeled with several buildings where you could actually go through the whole building.) So you end up being part of most the major LGBT history events that happened in New York City from 1968 on, a very out and proud butch lesbian. This of course includes the three day stonewall riots. Eventually you meet a beautiful woman who is the love of your life. Eventually the two of you decide you want to have a baby together and your "good friend" William Mile's offers to donate a sample.
-You eventually get recruited by William Miles's cell. You think he's cool and going to help you in your effort to you all your skills to help the gay rights movement. Throughout all the events in New York you keep seeing a mysterious figure who keeps helping out the LGBT folks as well. Eventually you figure out the person is a Templar, who reiterates the belief that "Civilization can't suffer fools who want to hold others back." Essentially because you and the templar are both working to the same goal, you become cautious secret friends, not sure what to think of each other. When you go on missions you have little debates where you hear about the philosophies of each side and you figure out that the Assassins want to destroy anything they don't agree with while Templars want to infiltrate and make better whenever possible and only seek to kill those who are toxic to furthering the progress of civilization. A few times you get information from William about things you can do and your Templar friend ends up convincing you that he's wrong, and you just decide that William got bad intell but eventually you figure out that William and his cell are another group that thinks any group who would threaten their own personal "freedoms" has to be destroyed, and that includes the LGBT movement and he's been pumping Tiana for information so he can counter her efforts while trying to feed her misinformation so she hurts the cause. At the moment she realizes what's been going on she see that Miles has been having one of his goons follow her to keep intel and she has to chase him down to stop him from getting to William Miles before she does. After killing him, she finds her home number on a piece of paper tucked inside his jacket pocket and realizes her wife and son are in danger.
-When she gets home her wife is dead and William has a gun held against little baby Desmond. He goes on a long crazy rant about men being meant to lead and women being property to have babies, tells her he'll kill Desmond, that he's more interested in having her to breed more Assassins than he is in one squawking infant. She gives up and a member of his cell puts a bag over her head.
-At this point you end up on the "farm" where you're kept drugged and under heavy sedation, so much so that you can barely walk or function, while you're forced to bear children for the different men Miles gives you to. Eventually you figure out a way to either counteract the drugs or avoid taking them. You figure out how to slip out of the Farm to call for help and get ahold of your old friend the Templar who offers to come get you but you tell her you won't leave without knowing Desmond is safe and knowing that the place has been burned to the ground. Your friend sends you help when she can at a mailbox for an abandoned lot. You slip books and things to Desmond of the outside world, eventually convincing him to runaway from home, and secretly helping him escape without his knowing. Once she/you no longer have to worry about Desmond, you go on a mission in which you hand draw a bunch of maps and diagrams of the Farm, particularly the other women being held hostage that William made sure to hide from Desmond, and you sneak out to mail the maps to your friend and then sneak back out to find to get to the mailbox to get the info about when the raid is and what you should be doing. After completing all of your missions you escape into the night, which is where the memory ends.
-Eve figures out that Tiana has likely gone back to her parents old hideout, which is an abandoned plantation house hidden deep in the swamp. Tom and Eve get a phone call from Rebecca, who says that William had her and Shaun hack into the animus. She says that while she's definitely with the Templars, she had no idea about the Farm secretly being a forced breeding camp for making more male Assassins, and that William has to be stopped. She tells them that William has already left to find Tiana and that Shaun is unconscious on the floor after trying to stop William. Eve gets to the house, having to survive LOTS of bobby traps and dangerous animals in the process, and finds that William has become stuck in one of Tiana's traps, with bolts sticking through him and ropes holding him in the air, and he smells of gasoline. Eve asks why he smells of gas and Tiana steps out of darkness saying because she was just about to torch him. Williams begs for "Lucy" to save him, she informs him that she's not Lucy and that's she's certain how Desmond would want her to take care of the situation. Tiana smiles and hands Eve the lighter and they torch William Miles and stand there to watch until he's nothing but ash, not even enough dna to clone him and bring him back.
-So along the way throughout the game you'll have noticed spots in the memories that are wrong, like artifacting, and symbols written that can only be seen in eagle sight. If you try to go into the sewers, it won't allow you, the animus tells you the memories have been encrypted. Eventually you'll get all the pieces of the puzzle which you can't use till the end. When you are able to talk to Tiana back at the Templar base in New York, you try to ask her about the encrypted memory, she tells you that she doesn't remember that the memory was wiped from her mind and that she could never go back into the sewers after that, she says the piece of Eden that she'd had her parents' piece of eden with her when she went in and then when she left she just knew it was somewhere safe inside. So Eve goes with Tiana and Tom to the place in the sewer in real life, all the clues you found throughout the game help you navigate your way through and open locked doors. You eventually stumble onto an ancient Manhattoes tribal ground that's been hidden under centuries old buildings, you then follow down into a cave where you eventually find one of the temples of the first. Once you're in the temple you eventually find the piece of Eden locked in a forcefield, which can only be opened by first completing the puzzle lock from the clues which starts the computer and then you have to use your little dictionary you've been compiling of the language of the first to go through what is essentially Dos commands in the "first language". This opens up the case and the memory of the first time that Tiana came down here floods over you when she met Jupiter who explained all that was to come to her and then had her encrypt her memory and lock the piece of Eden away so it couldn't return the memory. So for those of you familiar with the big bounce theory of the universe, "The First" are from a previous universe. They managed to separate a chunk of their universe from the rest so that they could escape the collapse of their universe. "The First" are what we would have evolved into if they hadn't interfered. Essentially they came to our planet which was an almost exact copy of their own planet from their world, and interfered in our evolution so that what the called "The Second" would never come to pass, as the two civilizations would likely have destroyed one another in their fight to control the universe. The First that came before were essentially a scouting and settlement team, intended to prepare things for when the rest of their civilization dropped out of stasis and joined the on earth before taking of the rest of the universe, intent on using humans as slaves. When you come out of the vision, you can see a bunch of first civ numbers counting down to something, if you switch to eagle sight everything switches to english and you are able to see that its a countdown to when the rest of the First Civilization invades.


Thoughts? :D

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Seriously you guys, doesn't anyone have a thought? Is this a game you'd play?

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Do you think anyone is going to read your essay?

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i read it, it's incredibly well thought out. i must say you're quite ambitious with digipen and your mfa,best of luck with that, i too am going to be attending a tech school for game art and animation and ultimately would like to join a game firm. i enjoyed the opening line about black and white with no room for gray. truthfully i'm getting more interested in the point of view of the templars, especially with rogue coming out soon. if you havent i would certainly jot down key points of the rest of your idea for the game so as to not forget and what not

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@tempest224 Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate that.