View Full Version : mouse scroll not working

06-22-2014, 11:04 AM
i recently got far cry 3 on sale and was playing it with no issues until the Medusa mission where the hints said to use the binoculars to mark enemies. i realized i couldn't use my mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out.. then i realized i couldn't zoom in and out of the map as well! everything else in the game works except for my mouse scroll wheel (the scroll wheel works in other applications and games without problem).

i'm running the game (v1.05) on windows 8.1, i tried searching on forums and ended up trying to use AutoHotKey to remap my scroll up and down to page up and down with no luck.. the remapping works and i can see the scroll wheel working when i press page up or down in other applications except in far cry 3.

it seems the game doesn't even recognize the scroll action, regardless of whether it comes from the mouse or autohotkey.. is this a known issue? is there a workaround?