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06-21-2014, 10:06 PM
A design flaw among Haven creatures is that many of their "value points" are often spent on retaliation power. In a game where most creatures die before they can retaliate, one can't help but wonder if those points wouldn't have been better spent on additional attack or health. Nevertheless, a high retaliation value has been part of Haven's design philosopy since this game was conceived, and we can not simply change that at our whim.

What I am offering instead, is a card that will finally put all that extra retaliation to good use.

Name: Wolf Inquisitor
Type: Magic Melee Human
Cost:5 resources
Requirements: 5/1/0
-Dark Ward
-All friendly Haven creatures' attack can never be lower than their retaliation value.

Flavor text: "Know this: for all who oppose Elrath's ideals of Justice and Truth, I am their fate. And fate carries an executioner's axe."

This card is meant to make sure that retaliation power NEVER goes to waste. The Wolf Inquisitor shifts the focus of Haven's game from defense to offense: reactive creatures such as Wolf Praetorians suddenly become a lot more proactive and aggressive. A 2/4/6 that becomes a 4/4/6? Now that's a scary though. At the same time, most "conventional" Haven creatures won't benefit from it in the slightest, if their attack is superior to their retaliation. In this case, the Wolf Inquisitor would "only" remain a good card, very hard to dislodge thanks to the protection granted by Dark Ward.

I'm not terribly good at balancing new cards, so I'd gladly hear your thoughts.:)

06-21-2014, 10:31 PM
What's up with Dark Ward being thrown around everytime somebody mentions big creatures? Don't get me wrong, I dislike dark spells as much as the next guy and I completely agree that the spell school is too strong! However, when it comes to spot removal, Dark is designed so that it's that school's speciality. Designing big creatures that counter a spell school that is designed to counter big creatures... Can't you guys think of a different form of protection? (on-death effects, effects when it becomes targeted, etc.)
I'm glad that the developers didn't take this approach. Next we would have a bunch of 3 HP creatures with Earth + Water Ward and 2 HP creatures with Fire Ward.

And to the point, sorry but your 'Truce of Elrath on a stick' doesn't strike me as a mindblowing idea either.

06-22-2014, 09:29 AM
actually, i dont know how balanced the card is but if u know how weak heaven's creatures are at the moment this doesnt seem OP at all, retribuation is really weak as it is and Needs something, same for all the defensive stats spend on heaven's creatires
also a 5 might and ress requirement makes it hard to play him, i really like the idea and it's an intresting card for sure and dark ward makes him playable,

i think heaven should get some faties with dark ward, it fits in the lore, heaven is supposed to be the faction of light, why not give em some playable fatties to Counter this infested dark Magic+banshee meta? not that they had anything else

06-22-2014, 02:34 PM
This card is meant to enable a combo with other creatures, not to fight the enemy head-on. Dark Ward is there so that the combo can't just be shut down by a single creature removal. The easiest way to counter this card would be to kill all those creatures which are effected by its ability; without them its mediocre at best. Alternatively, any other spell or fortune works just fine.

Besides, its ability is far more powerful than Truce of Elrath or Charity's skill. It will increase the attack value, but it will never lower it. It is permanent, as long as the Wolf Inquisitor lives, and it comes with one more creature on the battlefield. It has amazing synergy with several otherwise weak cards, like Wolf Justicar, Falcon Marksman+Emperor's Wall combo and Wolf Praetorian.