View Full Version : Reduced costs needed!

06-14-2014, 02:59 PM
We all know the cost of the gold situation is serverely overpriced & where ubisoft & kung fu factory got this ludacris idea of pricing from nobody knows.ok yeah the games free broken but free its also my fave game despite all of the flaws.most of us have spent countless hours reaching lev50 & dont get rewarded for our time & dedication.all of the all of the gear & weapons over lev40 should get an even bigger price drop for lev50'sfor their time & effort after all were the guys & gals that stuck with this game through all of the glitches,gold going walkies from our account without any trace or compensation & many other faults with the game.ubisoft really need to adress this issue & realize equipment is waaaaaay to overpriced for lev50's.

I know that im going to get some flak from all the lower lev folk for this thread but hey before you start think about this!!!

(1) We all earned level 50 ranking

(2) you guys have got it easy nowdays better perks,not having to buy gold to revive glads,all the gold weve spent over the year on revivals we could of probably bought every item from the store by now.

(3) i know how frustrating it is to level up & how everytime you fight you get a level 50 but we all have had to do it & ive only been lev50 a few months but im getting beaten by lev27 glads that have all the shrouds & a few mark of achiles perks! you guys have it fine & dandy its all peaches & cream for you guys.

(4) if there was a way to give lower ranked glads i kill my fame boosts to help them lev up i would gladly hand over so many to each lower ranked fighter i fight.....now theres an idea for a new thread!