View Full Version : Questions/suggestions regarding controller keybinding/layouts

06-13-2014, 01:56 PM

I've been hyping for The Crew since E3 last year and each new piece of media i see has only made me more excited to get into the game, however i do have some concerns about keybinding and haven't seen the topic mentioned anywhere.

Having played and enjoyed many of the games mentioned by the members of Ivory Tower (NFS Underground, Smuggler's Run, Burnout series, etc) one game i haven't seen mentioned is NFS: Pro Street. I understand most people might not be too fond of it, but one unique feature that i haven't been able to replicate in any other racer i've played is shifting with the right stick on a controller. I've played through the game entirely several times and shifting with the right stick really helped me have an easy transition between automatic and manual shifting. It's a layout that's easy to learn and allows for frequent shifting in either direction without having to change buttons, as well as being more comfortable during long sessions.

The issue i've had with other games when trying to do this is one of two things: I can't bind shifting to an axis, or am forced to bind the throttle to the right stick instead because L2 and R2 (PS3 controller) are not triggers.

So, my questions are these:

1: Will The Crew support custom keybinding for XBox, Playstation and/or other third party controllers?

2: Assuming custom keybinding is supported, can controls typically not associated with axis/triggers (shifting, menu shortcuts, E-brake) be bound to axis/triggers?

3: Assuming custom keybinding is supported, can controls typically associated with axis/triggers (steering, throttle, camera controls) be bound to regular buttons?

Thanks in advance for any answer that the Ubisoft/Ivory Tower staff deem appropriate, and I look forward to getting on the road as soon as possible.