View Full Version : What is the best deck and hero to get 1 place inthei jackpot

06-11-2014, 04:00 PM
I have more than 5 k cards in my portfolio but i do struggle to build the right deck to get 1 box for winning jackpot. I play mostly necro but i see necro as no-go when I reach open format jackpot top 100. Please help me with the right link or advice to the usefull deck as probably i have all the cards( and quite a lot of wildcards to buy those i dont have) but i lack the knowledge. Or maybe just link to any useful forum topic disscussing the best decks at the moment.

06-11-2014, 04:25 PM

If you want to win a Open format JP, Necro is the worst faction to do that. It has very little options vs stall/mill decks and as such its the wors faction in open atm.
I personally haven't been playing open in a long time, so i wont give any advices there, but if you want, you can win JP in Standard for the Box. It's also much easier than in Open i feel.
Here are some of the best decks in the Standard format atm, and those are the ones that can win you jp no problem:

Kat midrange, Hakeem control in this replay: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/6062
Acamas rush, Kat rush/midrange: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/6058
Dhamiria control, Deleb rush: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/5900
Dhamiria Mass Rage: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/5943

There are also various Seria and Ariana builds that can win you jp, but im not sure if i would call them top decks atm.
Just browse www.mmdocking.com replays database and the decks that display higher elo are usually the good ones.

06-12-2014, 09:52 AM
Thank You for the answer. I'kk be sure to the links today.