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06-07-2014, 10:12 AM
Hey guys ghostwarrior here,

So this guide is for all you guys who are having trouble beating the legendary ships on ac4. To start us off...HMS Prince, This ship has a tendency to spam its mortars....Literally. In this situation I would recommend getting up close and personal because it makes it harder for HMS Prince to hit you with its mortars furthermore upgrading your ram/mortars/broadsides/hull strength/heavy shot/cannonballs to a good level preferably to at least 1 or 2 levels away from being fully upgraded I know this takes time but believe me its time well spent. Now, there may be some questions concerning this particular combo such as why heavy shot and cannonballs the reason is because as with all the other legendary ships they like to shoot their flaming balls of fury at you when they get the chance (yes I know im quoting a movie) with that said it is best to use your chain shots to slow your opponent down then ram them and when your in range just be careful it does shoot back unload on them with heavy shot and cannonballs also and this is a definite must really upgrade your hull strength preferably the elite hull or if your feeling confident 1 or 2 levels away from the elite hull if you want trust me it will save you from a merciless beating otherwise. Now about the Princes mortars avoid them no matter what they can really bring the pain. Lastly, stay behind prince at all times.

Now, El Impoluto or as I like to call it the hammer, this ship is equipped with a ram that on impact can really give you a headache as with HMS Prince avoid the ram no matter what your best bet is to stay behind el impoluto use chain shots and your ram and try to stay out of the range of the ships cannons they are an absolute pain. Don't get within range unless your hull is sufficiently upgraded at least 1 level away from the elite hull or the elite hull itself.

Onto the third legendary ship, La Dama Negra of all the legendary ships this one is the one I hated the most it has thick broadside armor that you cannot penetrate unless you use your ram as well even then that doesn't do you much good and remember avoid its mortars those spell death to anyone that gets hit by them to beat this ship go for the weak part its located at the rear of the ship the captains cabin as with the previously mentioned ships stay behind La Dama Negra and avoid getting within range of its cannons again unless your hull is sufficiently upgraded hit it with chain shots and your ram and it will go down eventually.

Lastly, the two sister ships HMS Fearless and HMS Royal Sovereign, honestly I didn't find these two so bad once I got my ship upgraded fairly well but I digress, the best option is to split the two apart go for either Fearless or Royal Sovereign and hit it from behind with your chain shot and ram with these I would highly recommend upgrading to the elite hull also just a heads up whatever ship you aren't concentrating on will continue to attack you just ignore it you'll deal with that one in a bit once you get the ship your focusing on down to a tenth of it hitpoints stop and turn your attention on the other use the same strategy with your ram and mortars while keeping yourself behind the ship now once you sink the other ship the ship you focused on first will set itself on fire and attempt to ram you resulting in massive damage even with no ram if you get hit avoid that, even at low hitpoints that ship is still fast enough to catch up to you so you'll want to take it out quick. I hope this guide helps you guys out very well.


06-07-2014, 10:15 AM
Thanks for taking time to write the guide. I’m gonna add some sort of cheat to it. You can activate the invincible cheat and beat all 4, after that, the speed ram option will unlock, of course, it remains but it’s unsaved. Turn off the cheat, leave the animus and get back into it and the attack will still be there. You’re welcome ;)