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06-05-2014, 07:44 PM
How do defeat the Legendary Ships? I did defeat one of them, but all the other ones are damn near impossible. I get that they're supposed to be difficult, but they make me want to drop the entire game. I have my ship completely maxed out, and I didn't when I defeated the one Legendary Ship i managed to get.

Games are not supposed to discourage people from playing them. It will make paying customers not want to buy future games in the series, and tell others not to bother buying the games.

06-05-2014, 10:47 PM
Have you tried reading online guides and videos?

HMS Prince
Out of all the ships, very easy to defeat.

Le Dama Negra
Easy to defeat. But you can only inflict damage on the rear of this ship, so your priority is to maneuver behind it. Mortar shots won't work. 5-6 Heavy shots on the stern should finish it.

HMS Fearless + Sovereign
This one requires quite a bit of micromanagement of your Jackdaw. Make sure to tag one of them with your spyglass and try to focus on damaging one. The best advice I can give is to avoid getting flanked by both of them. As soon as you seem them try to surround you, immediately go to half-sail (or even full-stop if necessary) and steer to one side then return to full sail. Depending on how well you can multi-task, fire chain shots at one of them while evading them and then immediately fire mortars. Whenever possible fire heavy shots or round shots (again depends on how well you can maneuver the ship and determine whether you're in range to use heavy). Make sure you take advantage of the elite swivel guns by holding down its button. Hold down the brace button if you don't manage to avoid their broadside in time (bracing is really important in this fight). If you see an opportunity to ram one of them in then stern without exposing yourself to broadside, then take that chance.

El Impoluto
It's behavior is similar to a brig, expect for more aggressive in ramming. With elite hull, you'll be able to withstand 4 rams (maybe 5). Make sure the wind is in your favor. You'll want to open the engagement by tagging it with your spyglass (this way you'll know exactly when it's 500m away, the maximum range of your mortars). As soon as the battle begins, fire a mortar. Then immediately turn around and start sailing away. Fire another mortar if possible. When it gets close (around 95m), drop a round of fire barrels. Then immediately go to half sail, make a sharp turn to try and avoid Impoluto's ram. If you time it right you should be able to dodge enough rams to survive the battle. Regardless if you manage to evade the ram, immediately unload a volley of heavy shot into its hull. Then use the elite swivels by holding down the button. When it sails away, make sure you sail the opposite direction and fire mortars (aim slightly in front of it so that it'll sail into the barrage). When Impoluto turns around to ram you again, just rinse and repeat everything. Impoluto has one weakness if you can manage to exploit it. If you can somehow manage to get behind it, you can continuously fire chain shots and ram it. Eventually it'll wiggle out of your way, but if you do it right you can take down half of the hitpoints using that method.

All of the legendary ships do require a bit of luck, so don't be surprised if you repeat them at least a dozen times. Keep practicing, understand their behavior and form a strategy that compliments your skill. Good luck, I hope this helps.

06-06-2014, 06:14 AM
Games are not supposed to discourage people from playing them. It will make paying customers not want to buy future games in the series, and tell others not to bother buying the games.

Its not like you have to defeat them. They are optional challenge. So stop whining right there.

06-06-2014, 09:23 AM
Forcefully put, but correct.

06-07-2014, 05:59 AM
G'day Fury074ubi,

You might want to check out how to defeat 4 legendary ships post by user name 'lys1030' who created a youtube clip showing some strategies of dealing with legendary ships, and this might be able to help you understand how to go about with these strategies of dealing with legendary ships.

Link:- http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/876169-defeat-4-legendary-ships?

Have fun with these HUGE bastard Man' O War Ships and don't give up.