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05-31-2014, 01:18 PM
it seems imposible to me to activate an area trigger with static objects(according to the description, objects with physics disabled)
the area trigger is inside the physics bubble when i want it to trigger

i don't think i could do this in evo either but i could avoid it by doing it in a different way but thats imposible for what i'm doing now

05-31-2014, 04:06 PM
hey sparkier, that's odd, i've had no issues really* with them and static objects.

*by really i mean i had to oscillate the area trigger 0.01 on the X axis every tick (SVE*-1 to VDS(0.01)) to keep the trigger alive, other wise it would just go to sleep.

could be your suffering the same fate, its annoying and adds more code for me.

05-31-2014, 04:48 PM
i'm making a minigame based on snake

i have a first person camera and move it around localy with an ope
than i ope the body to the desired location (the object array is awesome, can do this now with like 10 code tiles for a snake up to 500 pieces big :) )

now i want to create hit detection incase you bump into stuff but can't get the area trigger to work
everything is ope'd and static(and the physics bubble is following the snakes head)

i tried a stationary area trigger, and one that was moved everytime a body part was added(would need to change this to every tick though but i was only testing)
area trigger worked fine when i moved it to where the bike was

i had the same issue in evo with my td game but i fixed that by activating physics on a dummy object and making that follow my characters but that ain't a solution now
could try moving the trigger every tick but doubt thats the issue
not sure if the trigger could "wake up" after falling asleep in your "fix"

i'll try later if i can get that to work or maybe try with a hit trigger on a invisible object

05-31-2014, 07:07 PM
good point, i never really tested this method to wake up a trigger, i need it to be active all the time, due to if i do run into a wall, i don't want it deactivating so i can move through it when its decided to shut off. The method i used was 4 custom spheres that attached to N/S/E/W of my player and used hit triggers to toggle VDS 0/1 for that direction using on active/leave and then check these VDS values to turn on/off the directional movement code, so i had to make them oscillate, in case player just stopped with one half in a wall.

I did some testing before i realised i had to oscillate the area trigger, i had a sphere drop into a trigger and on active set the balls physics to off and on leave was set to on, I'd expected the ball to hit the trigger and just float there, but after a second or two the on leave activated and the ball dropped again, which in turn activated the on active, the ball suffice to say sank slowly through the trigger.

i suppose the one or two seconds of life on the trigger is fine when your moving at speed through a trigger as the physics bubble is quite small, so deactivating the trigger would be good practice to save computational time, but when the bubble is "static" (OPE'd) or much larger the game should re-evaluate this timing value.

u on X1, hope so, so i can play when you've published :)

05-31-2014, 10:41 PM
found out that for some reason physics was disabled on my area trigger, even checked for it earlier but didn't even see the option, must have looked over it

so detection works now, only have to fine tune it a bit more

my biggest issue performance wise is that i create snakes that get very big (it isn't really moving, its just getting bigger) so i have 100's of objects on the screen and the game doesn't like that
not sure completly sure how i'll do all the game elements yet, but i've been enjoying twisting and turning myself into a knot while trying to not touch myself

im on 360