View Full Version : Jkkk89's games review+ interview

05-30-2014, 12:20 PM
The team Platoon prepares a live interview of Jkkk89, the winner of the May Gold Cup.

If you've never heard about Jkkk89, you definitely know nothing about the competittive world of M&MDoC. Winner of the May gold Cup, n1 of the ladder, he has become in a few monthes one of the most known player in Duel of Champions.

You too, you want to ask him some questions? Come meet him this monday, June 2 at 6pm! Jkkk will be the Platoon's guest for a broadcast for two hours, during which our casters Capcom & Jolo will ask their and your questions, analyzing his rise in the Gold cup thanks to its replays.

This stream will be mostly in english!

See you Monday!