View Full Version : [Uplay_Shop] Electronic D/L Link leads to How to Activate Extra Content pdf - where is my game?

05-27-2014, 09:44 AM
I go to uPlay.
I go to my order.
I click the big Start Download button
I get a PDF telling me to run Watchdogs from the start menu. http://wgt.digitalriver.com/wgt/9B5A4FCEF11DA80C/171F14235882A3D34841170D5B9DEF7B0DDDF383F88ADF742B 6D2983E0AD920D66A8371447BA6DBEB3BC0F39B6D86D6622F0 8D1F56D2526768EFB9D298C8F23D4E1EECFFC91E874A500CBA 16F9C2858A97A693A7BBF30D56/ubi/How_to_activate_my_additional_content_PC.pdf

Where is my bloody game?