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05-27-2014, 07:35 AM
EDIT: Issues have been largely dealt with. I updated to the latest driver for my GPU and everything started running smoothly. There may have been a patch as well, but I'm not sure. All the graphics settings work, and the cars suddenly became drivable. The driver wasn't available when I posted this and was not released until the next day.

I'd also like to point out that the driving did not suddenly become amazing. It's still not terribly great, but it works well enough that I feel I can complete the game and vehicle challenges without too much trouble. I no longer dread vehicle missions since the issue was resolved.

It seems my issue with the driving was related to the same problem that was causing the framerate drops. It was causing latency and stuttering with the input from the controller and that made the vehicles very difficult to control.

I can also now run the game at maxed out settings on a single card, which is nice.

So, I'm happy to report that everything I complained about below has been addressed. The driving still isn't great, but it works and I'm satisfied. Game has improved a great deal since the problems were cleared up.

Everything I say below can be disregarded now.

This isn't a problem on my end. It's not simply me sucking at the game. I can drive fine in Saint's Row 3 + 4, every game in the GTA series since GTA III, Sleeping Dogs, Driver, and numerous other open world games with driving mechanics. I've dealt with crappy driving before, but this is the worst example of driving mechanics I've ever seen in a big release like this. That's not a joke or exaggeration at all, it's really that bad and it's enough of an issue that it's keeping the game from being good.

I'm also aware that this is a brand new release that hasn't even been out a full day. However, this is bad enough that it should have been addressed before launch. Seriously, the driving in this game is just plain awful.

The cars have no weight, bounce around like ping pong balls when so much as tapped on the road, slide around as if all the roads are iced over, seem to gravitate towards other vehicles, and can't corner well with either brake provided, and the faster you go the worse it gets. I know speed is supposed to reduce control, but this is to the point of being beyond reasonable. It's not even worth flooring it on a long and mostly clear straightaway because of the control problems with the vehicles.

I know it's not impossible to drive, I've managed when I've absolutely had too, barely, but not in a fun kind of way. Driving is a bigger pain than it's worth and it is bad enough that it's dragging the game down considerably and ruining the elements of the game that work. Driving isn't a huge focus of the game, but when I'd rather go across town on foot because the car controls suck so bad and get annoyed when I'm playing a mission as soon as I realize there's a car involved, something is seriously wrong. Even just driving around town when wandering outside of missions isn't worth it. Driving in a mission or race is rage inducing, it's literally ruining the game.

I'd be happy with Saint's Row 3 or GTA IV level car controls, the driving in this game is worse than either of those games and that's saying quite a bit. At least at that level I'd be somewhat confident that I could at least finish missions when the difficulty ramps up later in the game. Right now, I'm not confident that the frustration will be worth it, and that is going to reflect on my recommendation of this game to others until it's fixed. It's not a skill issue here, but a poorly done game mechanic plain and simple.

This needs to be patched and soon.

The graphics glitches like motion blur not working properly, the mild occasional framerate drops regardless of quality, the lighting flickering at times, and the plants having that weird shake are annoying too, but I can live with those issues. They're mild annoyances that don't affect gameplay and will likely be cleared up easily with patches to drivers or the game itself. The driving on the other hand can make or break a game like this, and right now it's breaking it.

Fix this. Right now any review I'd give of this game would be far from glowing, and the driving is the major reason why.

05-27-2014, 07:36 AM
Yea, same here. Seems like when I press accelerate, it toggles the button for about a second.

05-27-2014, 07:38 AM
Well said OP. All the cars seem overpowered and weightless at times.

05-27-2014, 08:00 AM
Crazy releasing a game in such a state, where's the pride. Obviously the driving Devs didn't get on with the game Devs, know one talked to each other lol

05-27-2014, 08:13 AM
Couldn't agree more, the driving is terrible at best. It's like the cars are all nitro powered, the roads are covered in black ice and all vehicles have the turn radius of a cruise ship.
The rest of the game has been enjoyable, but I dread driving at any point. I find myself walking or stealing boats more so then cars.

05-27-2014, 08:31 AM
Let's be plain: the driving is AWFUL.

Only the game reviewers whose noses aren't already lost up Ubisoft's rectum are being honest.