View Full Version : Just joined game, just saw it is closing down :(

05-24-2014, 01:47 AM
So I know I am late to the party... but I just found out it is closing down... that really sucks! <cry> I'm quite enjoying it, and I love how it is a kind of "play when you like" sort of thing. .I can do a few moves at breakfast, peak in now and then at work, set up some stuff at night. I have never played a game like this and I am really enjoying it.

Is there any other games like this around you could recommend me to move to that is active... I just feel so deflated thinking "YES just got my 2nd city" and now finding out the game is shutting down in a month or so.


06-09-2014, 12:19 PM
nothing quite like this one I am afraid, we will all miss it. been playing 5 years lol

06-10-2014, 11:03 AM
Oh dear, so sad but! Hang in there because what ever alliance you join will want you playing daily.. Seems they have forgotten that this game for years has been BETA for all their fast paced and glittery games that are most wanted on the internet these days. I have played many Might and Magic Heroes Kingdom games for years and know a lot of gaming people from all aspects of gaming... and this is not what they are looking for. But this is what the older folk like myself can handle and young folk that are busy with college etc. Play your turns once and twice a day and move on to your daily life. It is perfect for that. It doesn't bring in the high paying designers and or staff to run it.. It has though put the stepping stones for higher class games still being made. Seriously stick with it and learn from the best then move up to the newer Might and Magic games! :) The future is ours and how we respond and or learn is where we will go. Everyone grows.. This game has grown out of it's place. So sad though that a lot of the old folks and busy college and family folk out there will not be moving forward as this was just perfect forum for their skills. It is hard to move forward but use these lessons in the games to look to the newer ones on the market and we all here in MMHK set the stepping stones for those games! :) Might and Magic lives on in newer games! It's like when Microsoft said Xbox was dead and so was Halo 2... but they came out with more with Xbox 360 and now we move on to Xbox One! Grow with it.. learn from the best here that helped Beta this game to awesome games out there! :D Best thing for you to do is join an alliance and learn from their top players who have been here for years :)