View Full Version : Building themed new card ideas

05-15-2014, 09:45 AM
come up with some card ideas based around buildings - some have name ideas

Neutral Creature (Cost 2)
1 might, 1 magic, 2 Destiny
0 Attack, 0 Retaliation, 5 health
During your supply phase, return one building in your graveyard to your hand.
buildings you play cost 1 less resource to play.

Ongoing Unique Fortune (Cost 5)
4 destiny
Once per turn you may discard a building from your hand to cancel the effect of an ongoing spell or fortune in play.

Month of Construction (Cost 2)
redeploy all of your buildings in play to new locations.

Instant Fortune (Cost 3)
3 Destiny
Deploy a non-unique building directly from your Library.
You may deploy this building on top of another building. Return that building to our hand.

Fortune (Cost 2)
2 Destiny
Return all buildings in play to their owners hands.
Until your next turn all buildings cost 0.

Secret Tunnel
unique Neutral Building (Cost 2)
1 might, 2 fortune
at the beginning of your turn relocate a creature at secret tunnel to another valid unoccupied battleground position that contains a building.
creatures moving to Secret Tunnel gain swift.

Fire Pits
Inferno Building (Cost 3)
might 2, magic 2
when a creature at Fire Pits destroys a creature, banish that creature instead.
when a creature at Fire Pits dies, banish it.

Necropolis Building (cost 2)
magic 3
Liches at this building gain magic channel 1, magic shield and +2 retaliation.

Haven Building (cost 4)
might 4
if there is no creature at this building at the end of your turn deploy a soldier from your library to this building for free. you must still meet the requirements to play that creature.
soldiers at this building gain +2 heath.

Stronghold Building (Cost 2)
might 1, magic 2
While a shaman is at this building all stronghold creatures gain Enrage +1.
If a shaman dies on this building purge all enrage counters on all creatures.

Sanctuary Building (Cost 4)
might 3
Creatures at this building gain Ambush: deal 2 damage to ambushed creature.
if a creature at this building dies from combat damage deal 2 damage to enemy creatures in the same row.

Academy Building (Cost 4)
might 2, magic 2
Constructs at this building gain regeneration 2.
when a construct at this building dies shuffle it into your library instead.