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05-14-2014, 05:24 AM
Dear Ubisoft,

Please could you make the next Splinter Cell more like the older ones. Something like Double Agent and Chaos Theory.
I know there is quite a bit of hate towards Double Agent because of the mission layout, but personally I think that
it is the best Splinter Cell game ever made, along with Chaos Theory. It has some awesome music, awesome characters, beautiful
graphics (for back then anyway) and some awesome missions. This has to be the best Splinter Cell for me. In the latest Splinter
Cell games that you have been developing they don't quite have the features like the old games had. I mean there really awesome games
but there different from the old titles. They no longer have the same feeling that the other games gave. The older games were
more slow paced, more about stealth and could take you hours to complete just 1 mission. In the latest games you can complete the
whole thing in just a few hours and it didn't really make you want to play it over again.
Conviction for me was just terrible, everything about it was horrible, for me that wasn't even a Splinter Cell game. There was massive
improvements in the Splinter Cell Blacklist game that gave off more of a Chaos Theory feel to it.It's awesome but it still doesn't compare to the old titles.

Please, please Ubisoft bring back Splinter Cell to how it used to be.


True Splinter Cell Fans.

05-14-2014, 05:42 AM
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