View Full Version : Which GL is better for an Assassinate tournament?

05-13-2014, 07:21 PM
Following to all the complaints about the new assassinate on AC4, I decided to host a tournament with my onw rules.
I noticed like you that this mode has lost that thrill, and you will probably tell me "why not host an assassinate tournament on the previous games", well, there is a reason actually, trust me I really loved the old assassinate, I am a really big fan of this mode but, a few of the mechanics weren't that fair like:
-In ACB no way to defend our self during the animation kill (to many free kills IMO)
-In all the 3 game the kill after stun was way to rewarding and also in a iniquitously way (give 700 pts to a player and 1500 to another one for the same kill wasn't so fair)
-to many bonuses (a lot of players had no idea how they were able to get those points and all those variety)
-also, probably is just me, I never seen chases so fair, reward players in a steath game for run? what?

Btw here my creations :) vote the one you like more and give me some advice as well

1 Game Lab Assassinate

Approach meter at MAX
Incognito kill: 400
Silent kill: 300
Discret kill 150
Bad kill: 100
Failed kill: 0

Grab/Bench-kill x3
Hidden-kill x2
Acro-kill x1.5
Contested x0.5

Perk not allowed: Determined

Skill craft: MAX

Cool down: Short

Ground kills: not allowed


2 Game Lab Assassinate

Approach meter MAX

Incognito kill: 400
Silent kill: 300
Discret kill: 150
Bad kill:0
Failed kill: 0
Stun: 400

Grab kill x2
Hidden/Bench kill x1.5
Acro kill x1
Contested x0

Perk not allowed: All exept for Determined and Resistence

Skill craft: MAX

Cool Down: Short

Grounded kill: not allowed

Ranged skills: not allowed

Focus time: 1.5 seconds