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05-13-2014, 12:46 PM
I have done a small tutorial on each of the extreme maps on Trials Fusion.
I hope this will help if any of you are stuck at a certain point of the track.
remember to watch the controller overlay as well to see my stick movement to
get a better understand of the obstacle and how to get past it!

Eye Of The Storm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjpmcGTTeXE

Rock of Rages - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrIy83Ke0OI

Light City Run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCQtVmAL0M0

Frost Bite - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7n32oHrzKI

Inferno 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkpBsK4wLKs


Devil's Beak - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWJr0h8MbwI

Way of the Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lql07T5d-cg

05-13-2014, 05:10 PM
Thanks Sandy, I'm sure this will help a lot of people, Inferno IV is pretty awesome in difficulty and some people get thrilled just to pass it. Thanks again bud. :)

05-13-2014, 05:15 PM
Sod that Inferno 4 first obstacle. These videos highlight my inadequacies.

Thanks for the vids Sandholm.

05-13-2014, 05:20 PM
The reason why I did not spend a lot of time on all the obstacles is that you can just go back like 3 seconds and watch it again WHILE you have my stick movement. so no point in making a 10 min long video for each track :)

I surely hope that this will help some of the players out there who might be struggling with the extremes :(

05-13-2014, 05:30 PM
nice, the third cp on frostbite is the one obstacle of all the extremes that really bug me....

05-13-2014, 07:13 PM
nice, the third cp on frostbite is the one obstacle of all the extremes that really bug me....

yeah, if its the one with the kind of awkward rock jump then yes.

05-18-2014, 01:24 PM
Thanks a lot for the tutorials, but I myself find the extreme tracks very disappointing.
I have gold on all hard tracks but can't manage to finish most of the extreme (several epic fails) even with this tutorial.
This was different in evolution and feels completely unbalanced - I can't be so bad at this game if i manage hard tracks well, so extreme is just too difficult in this issue of the game.

05-18-2014, 08:11 PM
I would say that almost all hard and extreme tracks are harder than it was back on evolution, but just try to go fast on tracks below extremes, once you feel like you are better then try the extremes again. :-)

05-20-2014, 08:28 PM
Guys, I just had another epic fail at "rock of rages". "Eye of the Storm" was absolutely doable, I could finish it the first run even though the last obstacle took me a hundred faults or so. I'm happy for you guys that the tracks challenge your skills this time, but i for myself feel disappointed. I struggled with the extremes in evo gold but managed to finish most of them. The game always gave me the feeling that i can do it. Now with these tracks the game just feels broken to me...my motivation only goes so far. At this point i don't want to "master" the game anymore. This really was different with evo... Hopefully the DLC extremes are better suited to my skills (i do like it a bit harder than hard)!

07-30-2014, 12:33 PM
I've added the DLC extreme track in the list of tutorials now aswell!


08-24-2014, 11:14 PM
Added Way of the Machine!

10-02-2014, 07:28 PM
I think this is a video everyone that still must master the skills of riding extreems must have seen!
At least for me this was (and still is) very helpfull ! (thx Shady!)


12-19-2014, 06:15 PM
Would people be interested in a tutorial on any other tracks than just extremes? and should I do a tutorial on deluge and the upcomming extreme tracks too ?