View Full Version : Some ideas picked from HMM maps' objects

05-01-2014, 03:29 PM
Here are some cards that came to my mind after thiking about different objects on HMM's maps :

The windmill, neutral fortune cost 1, requirement 0/0/1
The first time you play the windmill in a turn, gain 2 ressources.

It would be like a goldpile, but limited to 1 in a turn.

The watermill, neutral building cost 2, requirement 1/0/3
Increase your income by 1.

The Trough, neutral fortune cost 3, requirement 0/0/3
Target non undead non spirit non construct creature gains a second attack this turn. This creature cannot be tagetted by the Trough anymore this turn.

I like the idea of this cad; it would strengthen fortune decks, but would not be applicable to necro faction (which is OP nowadays).

The stable, neutral fortune cost 2, requires 0/0/2
You can play your hero 2 times this turn.

Any comment or other idea?

05-02-2014, 05:49 PM
So what makes windmill different from goldpile, Why is it a building at all? Why not just run gold piles? Using 4 gold piles in a turn wasn't exactly considered pro anyway, since you'd be burning 4 cards to play maybe 1 or 2 more cards that turn.

Water mill is a bit meh, considering a 1 cost tithe collector in haven does the same thing for 1 destiny. Yes the tithe collector can die, but 3 destiny means that most heroes won't be able to get this out early when it would matter.

Trough is broken. Any OTK or maybe an aggro deck would be all over that in seconds. Doubling a creature's damage for 3 resources and 3 destiny? Hell yea!

I like the idea of stable quite a bit. Make it a building though and increase the cost, otherwise it's probably too impractical to ever use.

05-03-2014, 12:03 PM
Thank you for your comments.

I'd to say that you cannot play Goldpile anymore in standard, and an alternative is needed.
Somehow, watermill should be more efficient than windmill, that's why I wanted to have a "revenue 1" instead of an instant +1 gain. What do you think of this modification :

Watermill, neutral building cost 2, requires 1/0/3.
When you play watermill, gain 3 ressources.
Revenue 1.

Maybe it becomes a little bit OP like that.

I have to reconsider the stats of the Trough, but I think this could help fortunes decks, and there is a lack of this kind of decks. Maybe incresing the requirements to 5 destiny?

The stable, neutral building cost 4, requires 2/0/4.
You can play your hero once more each turn.
Creatures at Stable gain swift.

05-07-2014, 08:08 PM
I really like the stables idea but i would make it a haven building because of the following:

- Haven is the forutne faction generally
- It was a haven building at the older HoMM games
- some factions might benefit to much from it (especially stronghold, the stormrage hunters would skyrocket in power for a cheap 2 drop creature and poa warchiefs can be swarming the field too early just like blackskull warlords).

But it is definitly a good idea in my eyes

05-08-2014, 03:19 PM
I think the Stable could be a neutral building, because you usually could find it on MMH maps. But an additional condition could be added in order to make it more useful for Haven, such as “While a human creature is at the Stable, you can play your hero once more.” Still, you're right, some heroes might be too advantaged with it.

A few other objects I wanted to submit :
-The Tavern : neutral ongoing fortune cost 4, requires 0/0/4.
When an effect would bring your hero below 0 hit points during your opponent’s turn, prevent all damages. At the beginning of your next turn, your hero’s HP are set to 1, discard up to 2 cards (if possible) and kill all friendly creatures requiring more than 2 Might, then destroy the Tavern.

This is a way to show that when your hero as fled or lost a battle, you have a chance to hire him again and carry on the battle.

-The Lost Mages Guild : neutral instant fortune cost 2, requires 0/2/2
Only allowed in standard.
A spell of your hero’s Magic level is randomly picked in the spells forbidden in standard and of your hero’s schools. Three copies of this spell are added in your library, and one in your hand.

I like the idea of having randomly access to a forbidden cards; let's introduce 2 other similar mechanisms :

-The Scroll Shop : neutral instant fortune cost 1, requires 0/1/1
A spell of your hero’s Magic level is randomly picked in the spells not from your hero’s schools. A copy of this spell is added in your hand.

-The Slaves Shop : neutral instant fortune cost 1, requires 0/0/2
Choose one :

-Kill target friendly creature. Gain resources equal to its cost.
-A creature randomly picked in all existing (allowed?) creature cards is added to your hand. You don’t need to fit the requirement to play it this turn.