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04-29-2014, 11:42 PM
I've been playing MTG for 21 years and over the years I often created new cards concepts and sometimes made fake cards to add to my collection per permission of my friends. I've also spent some time inventing new rules for different format of game play and it struck me that I hadn't done it for DoC yet. So I decided to give it a go last weekend. Here's my result. Tell me what you think. If it's negative try to say it in a constructive way with a rational explanation that takes into account ALL the cards. I'd also like to know which new mechanics that I introduce do you prefer.

1- Mechanical creatures cannot be upgraded the turn they come into play and no more than once per turn. It cannot be healed by the Heal ability. Poison counters and Regeneration do not affect them. It cannot upgrade and attack in the same turn. Every upgrade heals the mechanical creature to full hp. To upgrade them you need to cast the same creature on top of it. UC = update cost, UR = update requirements.
2- Burrow*: Until your next turn, creatures with Burrow becomes anchored, cannot be targeted, cannot suffer any damage and are phased. At the end of your next supply phase, retake control of the creatures.
3- Concentration X: If creatures with Concentration do not attack during their turn, they gain X concentration tokens.
3- Concentration Fury: When attacking, creatures with Concentration Fury can consume all friendly concentration tokens in play and add damage and retaliation equal to it until the next turn.
4- Detonate*: Replace this creature's attack. It deals it's attack power to every creature in the row. Cannot target a hero.
5- Stunning Defense*: Negates Immunity to retaliation.
6- Repair X: At the end of your turn pick a friendly mechanical creature. In your next supply phase that creature heals for X hp.
7- Sabotage X: Deal X dmg to every enemy mechanical creature instead of attacking.
8- Selected Phasing: Will phase if an action was taken during your turn.
9- Spirit Link*: When a creature with Spirit Link is destroyed it comes back to life in the same location with Quick Attack, Stunning Defense and Preemptive Strike, and it is removed from the game at the end of turn. Can only activate once per creature.

*****Update #1*****
It just struck me that mechanical creatures should not be affected by poison counters (no damage done to them but the counter remains on it). Same for Regeneration.


04-30-2014, 06:04 AM
1. well, its too much to analyze at one time
2. you did not explain what it means that mechanical creatures can be upgraded
3. I like concentration mechanic

04-30-2014, 06:14 AM
Every mechanical creature than can be upgraded has the explanation of what it does in the description of the creature.

Don't be shy about commenting, only one person has voted yet 265 people have viewed this page, someone else has gotta have an opinion :)

05-01-2014, 04:59 AM
I really like the upgrade concept and the concetration mechanic.
Also cool names for those buildings, construction site feels a bit off tho.

05-01-2014, 11:10 AM
i like the mechanical concept but in a way it does not mix well with "golem" and "construct" (it looks too close)
Cards named "Ballista" and "Catapult" would feel right in the game. (in a previous Might and MAgic game, you could buy a Catapult, a ballista, an ammo cart or a first aid tent)