View Full Version : [Solved]game doesnt save any wr-times...

04-28-2014, 09:02 PM
hi at all...

i have to tell that im a bit frustrated, because i drove some wr on pc and they havent been saved. waited for minutes to go on after the wr, but nothing happened. it just saved my (bad) rank 2-5 times... The problem appeared twice now, in a period of time of 5h with a 2h brake between.

dont know what happened here (maybe a problem of the servers??). internet connection is solid, beta ran great, but now more and more problems appear with every day... and that are not just the well known issues.

i can accept that the game crashes a lot, i also can accept the amount of other problems, but if it doesnt save the wr times, then its not worth for playing. i would love to enjoy playing a finished game and not such a quick-created, unfinished one.

honestly i used to be a very patient player who always lend a sympathetic ear for all the problems u had even with the past games, but in this case im more than disappointed.

i hope there will be a solution soon for all these problems and to get a finished game, which is its money worth.

sincerely, xxxemuxxx

(sry for my bad english, if there are mistakes :) )