View Full Version : Music for a montage

04-28-2014, 08:02 PM

I'm considering making a new Trials Fusion montage for the best user created tracks. My previous montage (can be found on my sig) showing almost 200 Trials Evolution custom tracks used two royalty free songs. Some said they were good but mostly they were disliked, so I ask: What song(s) could work out with a Trials montage similar to my others. Does it have to be fast paced? Any suggestions to a genre?

Let me know some good royalty free / completely free music and I may choose to my next montage. I would like if the song would have some lyrics in it.

Thank you.

04-28-2014, 10:43 PM
That was an awesome montage - The first song had good sync with your transitions, the 2nd didn't. Not everyone will like the music but as long as it's synced, all will be well :D