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04-26-2014, 11:23 PM
Hello Everyone!

I've been enjoying the editor just as much as anyone has, but I've run into quite a few bugs along the way, and I have a few questions as well. I haven't seen a consolidated list like this on the editor forum yet, so I decided to make one. If there is already one around that I missed, just tell me where to go; I'd be most appreciative.

I'll list the bugs first and then the questions. Note that I am playing on an Xbox One, and so some bugs may not be present on all platforms. Questions that are listed though, should be generally related to the editor, and not to any one platform. Any response, whether it be community member, editor master, or RedLynx employee, is appreciated. If you have found bugs, have questions, or know an answer or fix to any of the problems, I'll try to add your response to the list, but be sure to include the platform that you are currently on if you are listing bugs.

Bugs that have been fixed will be italicized. Questions that have been answered will have the answer underneath.

This is a list solely for the Editor and its Settings; I will not post any Career, Multiplayer, or Track Central stuff.

Thanks for reading!



Xbox 360

Xbox One

Favorite groups of objects that are too large will freeze the editor when attempting to view them; this renders them permanent, and causes that section of the favorites tab to become useless.
Cursor disappears often after deleting objects and gluing objects. The multi-select icon on the cursor also remains visible, even after LB (Xbox) is let go.
Mountains on the south edge of the editor world do not render correctly. This is also present in game (ex. Around the Oasis).
Layers can be unlocked randomly without user command.
"Track Performance is Low" is consistently displayed on screen, even when no objects have been placed.
Area Triggers with gravity disabled will not render any hits after roughly two seconds (120 ticks).
If the rabbit is selected from the "CHOOSE BIKE" option, an infinite bike chain sound is played until the user tests the track.
If "SHOW EDITOR ICONS" is enabled, and a custom camera is active, the edges of the custom camera will block a small portion of the screen.




Q- In the "Main City" of the editor world, I have found an object called Office Block 13. It is a very useful object, resembling a huge concrete slab, but in the Large Building -> Building Parts tab there are only Office Blocks 1-12. Why is it missing?


Q- The trigonometric function (cos, tan, arcsin, etc.) are all multiplied or divided by 1000 before being output to the user, making them inconvenient to use. Why do these functions do that?
Q- The toolcards used to have sounds that were played when selecting or deselecting value objects. What happened to them?



Q- Is there or will there be an editor music option, that is separate from in-game (trials mode) music?

Again thanks for reading! Any response is appreciated!