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04-25-2014, 12:05 PM
So i was a big fan of the editor in Trials:Evo on the XBox and made a couple of intresting tracks. Of course I was looking forward to recreate some of the concepts in Trials:Fusion.
Now I'm asking: Where are the Objects?
I don't understand why I can't find any Objects in the Editor. It's all full of big metal blocks and concrete humongus buildingparts, i get that.


I need wodden crates, planks and classical barrels. They where in the other games, hell even some things of Trials:HD where in Trials:Evo. What's the point? They where breakable! There's nothing breakable in the future anymore except for glass.

What the hell redlynx? Give us back the oldschool Objects we love. This is a huge dissapointment, i just can't belive it. Are you gonna charge extra to give it back in the next dlc, are you going down that path now? Is that how you want to handle long year fans and customos who created content for you in their free time, just because they love your game. Make them pay for their love. What are you thinking?

Patch it in.

04-26-2014, 10:56 AM
hey buddy i feel your frustration mate, i am very disapointed about evo the ever growing list of issues is umbelievable and its still growing. for me the biggest most important issue to address is pretty much everything to do with the editor, firstly like you say where are the objects? all we have is basically like a Utopia object theme pack that could have simply been a dlc for evo it dosent seem like a whole new editor just a buch of stuff we dont rly want or need, but i am sure (hopeful) that redlynx will give new dlc objects i just hope its soon before every1 makes 1 track and dumps fusion off for good. There are so many issues withe the editor tho nothing seems to work properly and just does not have the quality of evo's editor yet we paid more for a downgrade, literally everything about the editor is a downgrade, if you take away all the objects with cool lights on them then what u r left with is a very tacky editor with aweful grafics, terrible lighting and colors and glitchy crap everywhere - how redlynx managed to make all those tracks without noticing all the editors problems is beyond me

so yeah i feel your pain bro we can only hope that redlynx plan to right this huge mess that is fusion otherewise i guess we will have to move on from trials and just hope they get the next game right

04-26-2014, 01:17 PM
Hi Smeghead89 - I remember you beeing a big editor fan, maybe you'll remember me too. I was KillyTheBit before i migrated to the PC recently. I think it would be a pitty if we would have to pay for a dlc that brings us back the objects we expected from the get go. That's not how i want to see Redlynx go down, cause that's one company I'am used to trust in to deliver a good game and fair support.
For me it's kind of killing my creativity to go in the editor and see that every object is one kind of a big grey and/or blue chunk of metal or concrete. And it shows in the tracks too. Whenever I play trials after a while i think back to evo and think of the limbo track, or the inception thing, that drawingboard style track and many many more. It really hurts a little bit.

I completly agree that this setup fells more like a dlc on its own than a full trials release. Maybe they had a certain vison for their new game but sadly this doesn't resonate with me very well.

04-26-2014, 04:04 PM
im dieing in the editor . hate the fact there is nothing you can make your own theme with.no colours /textures/ rust anything . really worried they mite not even put enough pieces in the dlc . .that will kill it for me and probably a lot of people . lord knows whos idea it was to coat this game with the bland minimal look .when it could have been dlc .its like someone who shops at ikea and only likes white made the game . the single player has no soul .just different background settings . in evo every track had a different theme and you remembered them. and add the fact they messed the bikes up . tracks ride like the elephant mans scrotum due to the bad collisions . track central ? the list goes on . all the game needed was refining .there's some amazing ideas in the "things u want fusion " thread but every single idea was ignored . dunno what to say .

04-27-2014, 01:29 AM
One just has to scroll through the objects to get furious about the lack of variety. It's bugging me to think that there's content held back for dlc. Man Redlynx if you want more money, just up the price a little and put half of the dlc in up front. I wouldn't have a problem to put down 30 or 35 Euros for your game if there's solid content in it. I know i get my moneys worth out of trials any given day. But paying 20 and than expecting more for the real deal feels wrong and like a rip off.