View Full Version : Small Bug Report

04-25-2014, 06:03 AM
This is mostly just the bugs that I have immediately noticed.

Fallen Angel body kit is named #ulc_cheetahupg#
Changing the faring color of the Pit Viper while the Fallen Angel body kit is active doesn't affect the color
When playing a track it sometimes takes a minute or longer to show the bikes
When the controller is connected, the display of the bike when in the garage or when selecting a bike keeps spinning in around the bike and cannot be stopped
If you select an object before you test the track the sliders will still appear
I cant really describe it but the weight and agility of the pit viper is not quite the same as the phoenix in evo
Back wheel hops do not work about 80% of the time
Its been mentioned several times but the tire glitches are still a big deal



This is all I have seen so far. I will add more as I go.
I'm honestly very disappointed in the quality of this
rushed game. I really hope these issues get addressed.
If they don't then I most likely wont be getting the next installment.