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04-25-2014, 05:07 AM
This thread has reached max usefulness, and since I see no obvious way for a poster to delete a thread which is no longer of any use, the next best thing seems to be editing out my posts. My way of saying "thanks, and bye."

04-25-2014, 08:46 AM
ok i agree on those points:

1. AC games are ported from consoles and poorly optimized for PC which downgrade performance by a great margin.
2. Controllers work better with the game in terms of navigation due to analog sticks.

other than this, never had any problem with any game in the series using K/M. some few people reported the same issue you are having and it was a problem with connected hardware like Controller, Wheel,Joystick,..... to their PC hijacking their K/M. so start by looking into device manager under HID and game controllers and pinpoint whats hijacking your K/M, then disconnect it.

04-25-2014, 10:59 AM
Never had a problem myself - I never get on with controllers either, so it's clearly what people are used to, rather then game design, that affects this, most of the time. Sounds like you're having hardware issues though, which will be the rest of it.

04-25-2014, 06:05 PM
Poorly optimized, sure. But I play on a laptop and have a smooth experience.
This game is awesome and if you got the hardware for it, why not enjoy it! :)

Settings are..
Resolution: 1920x1080
Environment quality: High
Texture quality: High
Anti-aliasing quality: MSAA 2x
Shadow quality: Soft shadows (high)
Reflection quality: High
Motion blur: On
Ambient Occlusion: HBAO+ (high)
God rays: High
Volumetric fog: On
Vsync: On
PhsyX particles: Normal




04-25-2014, 06:16 PM
Lol, the controls are totally fine.

04-27-2014, 06:48 PM
I've always played the AC & Batman franchise games with an XBOX 360 Controller and it's been a great experience -- definitely agree with the OP that using a keyboard mouse for a 3rd person shooter is not recommended. Picking up a controller is cheap and easy so I would definitely recommend that to folks. Best of both worlds -- superior PC hardware / resolution / quality with the benefit of playing with a controller.

04-28-2014, 01:39 AM
Like I say "benefit of playing with a controller" is purely subjective - K+M has always worked fine for all my games, for me...

04-29-2014, 12:26 PM
Never had a problem myself either, I have always used kb & mouse and have managed to enjoy the game fully.

07-05-2014, 06:17 AM
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07-05-2014, 11:34 PM
My, oh My! What a tempest in a teacup i unwittingly stirred up by pointing out some problems which incidentally are reported by a great many posters on this forum -- and much worse ones too. But I should have known that anything but wild praise would bring out the fanboys -- and (perish the thought) some industry damage controllers masquerading as ordinary posters. It has been an amusing experience, and none of the claims of "no problems" alter my initial impressions. I am currently into the "Brotherhood" title and experiencing many similar issues which turn the gaming experience into incredibly boring repetitions of the same sequences because of the failures and the idiotic notion of having no savin-in-progress which would save the player from going through endless repetitions of the same hackneyed scenes because of a technical obstacle that interrupts a long sequence forcing a repeat of a long lead-up in order to try to pass the hurdle. Perhaps there are gamers who enjoy this sort of mind-numbing boredom -- certainly I have come across other games that use this approach. Personally, if I knew in advance that the program precludes saving in progress, I would never buy the software. Unfortunately this sort of information is rarely available until it is too late. As for the suggestion of hardware problems and hardware specs, I am afraid that I have desktop and mobile setups that exceed the specs of probably 99% of gaming installations being used out there.. It makes my Alienware M18x look like a hopelessly hobbled toy.(Sorry about that, DagJacob) So I built a Clevo-based custom laptop to use when I am away from my array of full installation.Its specs make most so-called desktop gaming computers look ridiculous. And it makes no difference if I use that or one of the desktop systems. So thanks for the suggestions, but I remain satisfied that it is the careless and as I have said, "vicious" programmers who are to blame. A real shame because in principle the AC series games are very nice -- if only they were not buggier than a Motel 6. To those of you who claim to have no problems, all the best. To those posters in the forum who have a lot more and varied problems, my sympathies. And to all a happy July 4th!

Happy holidays, if a tad late even.
Actually, that sounds like you're using a combination of K+M that are not gaming. I'm using a Logitech Illuminated (it allows you to press, like, 5 or 7 keys at a time, more than enough for every game) - many keyboards have an issue that when you use, for example, W+S+Shift, you can't press Ctrl or vice versa. You can press a bunch of keyboard buttons, but not all on the left side at a time.
And also, I have a very old A4Tech mouse that is like a "10bucks gaming mouse" - it uses optic laser, you can set DPI from 600-2500 (I have that written on the bottom, anyway, for me it's from "sniper slow" to "cursor flies like a fly on speed", model x-750bf, if you're interested) and it is extremely, extremely sturdy and every press is made in a millisecond of your click.
This far, I've played the whole franchise from start to finish, using the same mouse, and possibly some other keyboards. I believe you need another hardware. The whole series seemed like a joke for me in terms of difficulty, I believe the most retries I made were around 7 or 8, but these were the stealth missions - and because I was noticed by the guards, or the gunner, or something of that sort. Sometimes the character does jump off course, but that is mostly because I point him at the wrong direction, or, well, the landscape is extremely tricky (it is sometimes). Also, the second part is the most difficult by far when we're speaking about the guards.
I also have an Xbox controller, actually. I'd say there isn't that much difference. You can really turn Ezio in a Death Incarnate using a gaming mouse, a short-click keyboard and a little practice. I prefer playing on the keyboard.

07-06-2014, 02:56 AM
I have a PS3 control plugged into my PC at all times, mainly for racing games or NBA2K14 where the dualshock is superior to K/M. But for most games i use K/M because it is by far superior if you are capable of using it properly.

Also maybe i'm just lucky but i don't ever remember encountering a single bug on an AC game....

07-06-2014, 06:49 AM
Although the Asaasin's Creed series of games are advertised as PC games, these titles were all created for gaming consoles and poorly ported to the PC. The only hint of this on the CD-ROM box is in microscopic print, advising the use of an "X-box 360 for Windows controller." Unfortunately what is not stated is that this type of controller is the only practical way of actually playing these games. The keyboard and mouse control scheme is not only ridiculously complicated in the fist place, it becomes practically non-functional within the many "mini games" that these titles are full of. As soon as one of those starts, the character no longer responds in a predictable way, you lose control of the view, cannot center the game camera and the complex keyboard combos work only by accident, and less than 5% of the time. The character runs, jumps, and behaves in ways you cannot predict or control, and it takes a series of unlikely coincidences to allow you to accomplish the goals. You may spend days (if you are willing) repeating the same scenario hundreds of times and it is a guess at best if you will ever manage to get lucky. I suppose if you are used to the toy controllers, they might actually work, but I for one am not interested in buying or using one -- which is what the tech support person told me to do when I asked for help. I am guessing that many of the issues being reported by other players have their basis in the fact that the original design was for another platform. The bottom line is that if you are expecting a PC-friendly game and one that you can hope to finish, these games are not what you should spend your money on.

I'm a pc gamer through and through, always have been, always will be, but I prefer to use a gamepad with this specific title, it's just easier to navigate, the movement is way too awkward with M/K. The biggest reason I like using M/K in general is the aiming, I find it so difficult to aim with a controller (FPS games) that's why I prefer a mouse for that stuff, but I think the controls are great in this game with a gamepad.

07-09-2014, 09:37 PM
Dead thread. Reply eliminated.

07-10-2014, 12:54 PM
It's a personal thing really.... I don't care where a game originates (it can come from a sinclair zx81 as far as I'm concerned). So port or not is not important to me as much as game enjoyment. A console is just a mass produced lower tech pc with it's capabilities restricted, nothing wrong with that... I've got an xbox for the kinnect :D

I am not chasing that final millionth of a frame per second on a pc that costs more than some peoples homes and I don't know what optimisation is (or care to know) I only want to play games that I enjoy.
There are games I buy and they get less than 20 minutes of my time (mass effects 3, alan wake, saints row 2, L.A. Noire to name a few) but that doesn't make them bad games..... just bad games to me. Although lots tell me ME3 is good.... I couldn't get past the (what seemed like 10 hours) long cut scenes at the beginning.
If you don't like AC games for whatever reason then that's valid to you, but many others myself included like them enough to overlook anything others may see as faults.
I'm too old to start trying to figure out the complexities of a gamepad after starting with a keyboard and an AMIGA (still the best ;)) 30 years ago. As games get more complex (because we demand it) more keys are necessary and although that means I have to look down at the keyboard to locate a key (sometimes at crucial points) it is something that doesn't bother me.
Nothing is perfect, I'm not a fan of Watch Dogs I cannot bother to complete it because of a lack of a basic tutorial just took all the fun out of it..... nothing to do with it being a port or optimisation or FPS just not fun...... but I'm sure others like it so I just moved on to sniper 3 and back to Farcry 3 till Farcry 4 comes out.... stick it in the trash and find a game you like... lifes too short to worry over a few pounds/ dollars/ euros.
Forums are all about different views so it's always good to see different opinions

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Dead thread. Reply eliminated.

07-10-2014, 10:50 PM
To Strigoi1958:

I like your laid-back approach and agree that one person’s “great game” may be another’s “can’t stand it.” (BTW, I have thoroughly enjoyed and played through several times all of the Mass Effect series, despite the endless yakking in the cutscenes. So there is an instance.) However, I do think I have a right to expect vendors to make the effort to produce software that does not make a user toss it after 20 minutes. You are more tolerant of them. I suspect that having thrown out good money on the AC series, I have been willing to waste too much time on this for me “can’t stand it” title, and maybe it is time to free up some hard drive space instead.
As for the hardware question – also to each his own.
Enjoy, but watch those wheelies. Otherwise you might have to use hardware just to walk! Surely you wouldn’t want to be at the mercy of the National Health Service ; )

Thanks hasznaloubi2005 you just made my day :D

I loved ME2 but have never played 3 because I couldn't skip the yakking.
Yes we should expect more from people supplying a service and as much as companies try to make everyone happy I don't think it is possible (like my dream of hitting a 150 mph/240kph wheelie) it's always close but not going to happen.... ;)
I'm already at the mercy of the NHS as I work in a hospital and I don't know whether it's the fact that I'm old (year of birth in my name 1958) or the fact that all I ever seem to do is put bodies in a fridge all day but for some reason... the things that would make me want to raise an army and march upon someone and let loose the dogs of war.... seem trivial now and the only important currency is time... so I've learned to accept things are as they are and not how I want them to be, when I do not like something I do not waste my time with it and spend more time enjoying myself with something I do like.
Free up that Hard drive space, look on ebay and get a code for sniper elite 3... it's a little buggy but huge fun or even Farcry 3 if you haven't played it (my favourite game along with Deus Ex HR) probably around 8 / 10 euros.
But still come to the forum because we're all gamers and we all want the best games to run well....

my gsxr 1000 on route to Zaragoza much more important than the glitches in my games

07-12-2014, 06:00 AM
Dead thread. Reply eliminated.

07-12-2014, 12:52 PM
The pox on all their houses!

Love that, it had me laughing out loud....:D

Off topic bit
NHS is overburdened with managers now and the medical staff are under constant pressure through staff shortages :( Anything with 2 wheels (maybe even trikes) are all fantastic to me... I envy the vast beauty the USA has to offer to bikers (too many near misses in helicopters and I don't want to push my luck by flying any more or I'd be there). I took the ferry to northern spain but may do france soon and all our riding was 50mph to 70mph but still saw loads of the scenery.

On topic bit

I've encountered more than a few frustrations, lost save games and repeated several parts (the timed ones where you pull a lever and try to get somewhere) when I couldn't do it and wanted to smash my system but I take a break and try to see it as part of the game.... life would be boring if everything was too easy and we'd have no sense of accomplishment.... Lost save games well.... when I'm enjoying the game I restart with the added bonus of knowing what to expect (I still don't get 100%) but if I'm not enjoying that game it's binned and a new cheap one is found on ebay... I know when I'm going to be wasting my time and cut my losses and move on to something I can do.
Some games have user defined save points and others do not..... which often makes me late for work trying to reach a game controlled save point :D
But that's just how it is .... ride safe

07-13-2014, 08:09 AM
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07-13-2014, 11:11 AM
Yes we are all driven to achieve the best we can and 100 % is what we all want...... I've seen some videos on youtube and there are people on here who are capable of near perfection all the time....
I guess I realised that maybe 95% is 100% of what I can achieve, and at first I was reluctant to accept this but I had to, in order to avoid repeating a sequence over and over knowing I'd make a mistake at some point even if I rectified a mistake somewhere else.
Now my goal is to achieve the main mission and find all the icons on the map and having done that I feel satisfied :D. You have skills in life that you already have attained and achieved 100% and although others may score higher in the game than you and I.... I'm willing to let them have this one as long as I reach my standard
Before we turn this thread into a medical bikers meet I've sent you a personal message :D

07-14-2014, 05:07 AM
Lol mad catz keyboard.

Never had a problem with KB & M with these games. You can definitely notice it's a port with the controls, but after an hour or two at the max into the game, it's great. The only trouble I'm having at the moment is with ACIII with spurring my horse as apparently Shift+W+Space is not a usable combination :[.

People looking to get into the AC franchise on PC: Do it. You won't regret it with your mouse and keyboard, I guarantee it. Sure you may need a hardware upgrade which I highly doubt, but do it. It's so worth it.

08-11-2014, 11:39 AM
So I should buy console just because AC series ?? No thanks... I had no problem with anything until AC Brotherhood... Right now I have ordered ACR.. And do not think it will be problem with this as well... Maby later games like AC IV or Unity could be something else.. But right now it does not make any sense to buy console just because one game... Ubisoft hould definitely care about PC users... And do as much as they can to optimize everything about game.. I am not saying I wont buy console in the future but PC users want to enjoy your games as well as console users..