View Full Version : Supercross (Local Multiplayer) Custom Maps MISSIING? Where ARE THEY!!?

04-24-2014, 09:33 PM
I'm very dissapointed and annoyed to see that the Supercross (Local Multiplayer) game type has been removed from Track Central (the Custom Content Community) and the Track Editor, the only reason i bought this game was because of the limitless local multiplayer tracks that the community on Trials Evolution provided. In Trials Evo you could, create 4 player Supercross tracks and share them on track central!

I understand Trials Evo suffered from camera bug issues in Supercross, but that was also partly the track editors fault for designing a track that caused players to seperate so far.. so it was tolerable if you knew what tracks worked fine however track cental was bugged and wouldnt list all the supercross maps on the server. VileTuna'sDownhill was one of me and my friends favourite tracks in supercross, must of played it 50 times by now.
Besides Trials Fusion's local multiplayer feels alot more stable than Evolution.

Please Ubisoft/Redlynx Give Supercross Custom Tracks Back to us!, I promised myself if i bought this game i was going to create many supercross maps to play with my friends and share on Track Central. (None of those Troll maps, and lots of nice flowing, non buggy, competative tracks like the one you make) I will Provide!!

Without the custom tracks in supercross, i cant see me and my friends playing this game half as much as Trials Evolution and if the feature doesnt make a comeback i wont be buying a Trials Game again, Im sorry but most of us dont really enjoy watching someone play Trials alone and pass-play the controller half as fun as playing with 4 controllers in supercross. Custom Content keep any game fresh, but how many games do you know of that combine Local Multiplayer aswell... Unreal Tournament 3 does this, and its the most played game in this house when it comes to couch multiplayer time by a huge difference, people like change... all because of Custom Maps.

Trials is a brilliant local multiplayer game and that is what your game should be focusing on, because its amazing, banterous, and easy for noobies to pick up, ive even played with my neces which were 3 and 5 at the time and they picked it up straight away and were loving it.. Its the perfect Local Multiplayer!

I also just want to add, some of the Props and track pieces in Trials Fusion got me really excited for editing tracks. I was really looking forward to implementing some of these assets proffessionally into Supercross (Local Multiplayer) tracks... I cant help but feel ripped off and misled, you should have said something, the local multiplayer industry is not in a good place these days and i want to bring it back as a game developer in the very near future.