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04-24-2014, 02:33 AM
Lotus Empire Flagbearer

Cost: 1
1 might
0 magic
2 destiny

0 power
0 retaliation
2 health

Honor 1

Melee Shooter, Naga, Water.

Most of Sanctuary's options for honor come with its higher-cost creatures. The cheapest creature with honor is Honor-bound Kami, which is already unplayably bad and is still a 3-cost creature. A creature like this would allow for more versatile use of honor. Perhaps make it a 2-cost creature, depending on how powerful Honor 1 is considered to be.

Nariyan Ambassador

Cost: 5

3 might
0 magic
3 destiny

2 power
2 retaliation
4 health

Melee. Naga. Prime.

When Nariyan ambassador enters the battlefield, return target creature card to its owner's hand.

I'd love to see a card like this for a Shalan bounce deck. Think of it like a Banshee, but it costs 1 less because it's not actually killing a unit, just returning it to its owner's hand. Possibly make it anchored if it turns out that recursion through truce and broken bridge is too strong.

Coral Soothsayer

Cost: 3

3 might
0 magic
1 destiny

Magic Shooter. Naga. Water.

2 might
3 retaliation
5 health

When Coral Soothsayer's owner searches either player's library, Coral Soothsayer gains +2 might until end of turn.

Sanctuary has so many intelligence-gathering fortunes that are just not worth a card slot at the moment, despite being potential game-winners in the right situation. Creatures like this would help to encourage a more spying-intensive playstyle.

04-25-2014, 03:54 PM
flagbearer should definitely cost 2 or more... if you look at wanizame you'll see that honor is considered to be worth 4 stat points therefore flagbearer could be
1cost 0/0/1 meele
2cost 0/0/4 meele/shoote
i'd prefer the second one

the ambassador makes sense imho, very versatile and well priced... maybe higher requirements but that would need some testing i guess

i think the coral soothsayer doesnt make that much sense... it should at least be limited to once per turn or it might get abused in decks stuffed with revised tactics and tutors
i'd prefer a card that rewards you for predicting what the enemy does next in sanctuary (like inferno has chamber of torment)