View Full Version : Problem with OPE, kinda spastic spawn points.

04-18-2014, 09:50 PM
Hey Redlynx fella's,
I was just playing around with the editor (XBox 360) and made a quick mini-golf skill game. I ran into an issue I spent about 6 hours on. If the player hits a ball outta bounds, I typically respawn it at it's previous location. When using the OPE, it seems that I can rarely get the ball back where it needed to be. I thought it may be the X,Y,ZPosition objects, but even when hardcoded it wasn't working. Seems to be not liking me turning physics on and off (on the ball). I tried to over come this several other ways but decided to move on. ALso, I loaded up EVO to check some old code and I was able to do what I wanted there. Just wanted to throw this out there to see If I was alone with this issue.