View Full Version : Server outage.... this is getting ridiculous

04-18-2014, 06:09 PM
Am I doing something wrong?

In an earlier post Ubisoft claimed the server issues were fixed. Well I for one still can't connect at any time. Has anyone else still got the problem or is it jut me? This is so frustrating. I'm losing a significant amount of content I've already paid for. For a long time I've been unable to connect tot Uplay on any game on Xbox One AND 360. Now this!!! I was planning on getting the season pass but really, is there any point? I did have Watchdogs and The Crew on my must buy list but if this is an indication of Ubisoft Server quality I think I'll pass on those. Games are expensive enough without losing half the functionality through dodgy servers.

If anyone can suggest any steps I can take at my end I'd be really grateful. I have a fast broadband, open NAT and I never have a problem connection to any other company's severs- just Ubisoft.