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04-13-2014, 07:06 AM
January 1941 : Nazis fighting relentlessly against all odds and capturing one city after another in Europe. An elite squad of Britains's forces are ordered to assault a German outpost and clear the area in a remote village of FRANCE. One of the soldier in this squad is David Bernstein. While assaulting the said area..they find out they have gravely mistaken the German strength over there and is defeated. Out of 120 men in the company only 25 survives the assault and is taken to Death Camp the Nazi death camp. David Bernstein is one of them and more importantly the only Jewish soldier in the sqaud.
The story starts from the opening battle,shows the defeat and their imprisonment in the camp.David Bernstein sees all the atrocities being committed by the Nazis at the Death camps on the JEWS and the "unwanteds" . During the opening missions of the game he along with three other prisoners tries to kill some of the camp officers and escape the camp. Some stealth action,camouflage and disguises completely sets the tension of these first action sequences. They get their hands on a large cache of weapons when they poison and kills a NAZI officer inside the camp. During their final escape sequence the plan fails miserably and the previously thought "sneaking out" turns into a full fledged war against the NAZI soldiers. Nevertheless they manage to get out and now head out with the objective of escaping NAZI Germany. The year now is 1943.

The game takes a completely different turn from here. Now the gameplay elements turns from stealth action to survival -stealth - action. They have to kill,rob and incinerate any NAZI resistance they find on their way out of that hell.

2 years passes but still they are holed up on the outskirts of NAZI Germany as getting out would be suicide. They hear the news that Russian forces are storming Berlin and they can use their help to get of the WAR. They make their way back to BERLIN ,facing some stiff action on their way by the last standing GERMAN forces. Finally they enter BERLIN ,which has now been occupied by RUSSIAN forces.But out of those three prisoners only DAVID BERNSTEIN survives the onslaught and manages to reach Berlin.

He finally sees his way out of the WAR and survives .

The Ending cutscenes of the game shows an old DAVID BERNSTEIN relieving these dreaded memories as he tells his story sitting in a small house in London in the year 2001.