View Full Version : Game's incentives based on lack of information

04-12-2014, 12:03 PM
No one quite understands the reward system. No one understands fully the ranking system fully, either. We have given some general information about it, but that is it. People is flooding the forums with questions. They are outraged by the daily quests not renewing daily, as they were expecting. They even think it is a bug, not a feature.

No one answers, no one gives an explanation. No one knows for sure.

Maybe they are afraid people will "game" the system if they understand what is going on, but is this really the way to go?

04-12-2014, 02:12 PM
Yeah. This is true. I've also discovered that Standard format is exactly as I feared it to be. It's literally brainless creature smashing...

04-15-2014, 04:55 AM
I actually prefer the creature heavy game of BS2 as I think the previous version was making it too spell based and difficult to counter if the opponent was playing a spell deck. If the opponent was playing a spell deck it was usually:
"Pull out a few creatures-> they get fried by cheap spells-> Opponent starts getting stone shield and other discard cards-> Creatures get killed or returned to hand as soon as they get played"
Now at the very least there's time to pull out a few heavy creatures and use your own protective spells.
I think DOC should be creature based with spells and fortunes to enhance the creatures.