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04-11-2014, 01:09 AM
It seems to me that in BS2 a lot of the cheaper creature damage spells have been taken out like Lightning Strike. As a Haven player I'm quite happy as it means I now have a chance to actually play some higher HP creatures and actually build some defense before getting destroyed.

I would like to know other players opinions.:D

04-11-2014, 02:29 AM
Dark spells have always been more of a problem for high HP creatures compared to damaging spells like Lightning Strike. Right now Soulreaver and Enthreall are still in BS2, only Puppet Master has said goodbye. With low cost damaging spells gone you have less spells to use to survive till you get enough resources to play fatties. IMO the situation is good for playing mid HP creatures, not high HP creatures that cost a lot.

04-11-2014, 05:26 AM
Yes, I mean those mid level creatures (I consider anything creature with 5 or more health higher HP) Of course Haven's tactic is swarm and high resource so that directly counters those accursed high level dark spells! Don't forget though that Haven's mid level creatures aren't anything scoff at especially combined with its high resource generation.

04-11-2014, 06:25 AM
I surrender the moment I verse Necro. It's that bad.

04-11-2014, 01:03 PM
There are a lot less damaging spells indeed. The only early AoE left are geyser and insect swarm, which deal 3 hp each, and ice spikes and fire burst, which deal 2 hp to a line. So now 4hp creatures are much, much safer than before (lightning strike and fireball are out). HoN adds magma burst (half a fireball for the price of a geyser) and a 2hp lightning bolt (don't remember the name right now). Right now, the only school of magic that can deal effectively with creatures using magic is dark magic, thanks to wither, moonsilk strand and moonsilk fetters, then later soul reaver (and banshee, for necro). I see a lot of death seals, but I am not convinced they are a good choice, even in BS2.
If you go to five magic, Father Sky's wrath is a good choice with all the flying creatures around (especially against necro), and the new Arkath's wrath (fire) is the strongest you can use, but it won't work so well against high hp creatures (it's hilarious against academy, though). Inferno still has hellfire mainiac, which is not a spell but works as one, and will make you cry if you are not playing necro.

Problem is, if you don't pack some punch in the spell department, you are in for a lot of trouble with all those necro incorporeal decks running around.

Overall, I'd say that the strong faction right now is necro. Akane from academy still has access to a lot of damage dealing spells, and her creatures can stall you long enough so that even her limited damage potential becomes an attrition war in her favour. Inferno is alright, some factions have trouble dealing with juggernauts, which are extremely cost efficient, thrall of hatred is fairly bonkers, and they now have burn potential up the wazoo, even with altar of destruction left behind (I shudder to think what inferno can do in open now). Sanctuary seems alright, since they have kept outmanoeuvre and water is still strong, plus the 1/0/5 shooter for two that lets you see your opponents hand is crazy (and only uncommon), but somehow I haven't faced that many. Stronghold is basically dead, unless there's some new creature or combo with hidden potential that hasn't been discovered yet; blackskull shredders aren't enough by themselves, and blackskull crushers are out-rushed, unless you are playing Acamas and then you have to contend with your own lack of magic. Haven't faced any haven deck yet, but with the new stuff they got in HoN, especially at the rare and epic level (emperor's wall + falcon crossbowman WTF), they certainly seem to have a lot of potential.

04-11-2014, 02:32 PM
I found it balanced pretty well. never ever played as a stronghold player but today i got daily q to win 5 with orcs. so i build a deck in like 5minutes and actually did pretty well. i won more than i lost and liked it after winnig 4 in row i lost couple then did some changes put some fortunes in and its a fun play style after 5/6 turns most opponents surrender cause they left with little life and chance to change outcome of the battle so its fun to devastet people in a few turns;DD especelly vampire decks they have no chance destroyed them had like 4 of them in row and it didnt took a 5 minutes to beat them. now necropolis i had 9k seals so after bs2 to started i put werry good and i mean werry good vamparie deck had maybe 25/30 mirror matches so far and never lost one. the weakes faction imho right now is inferno only way to lose to them is if the starting hand fails i mean badly fails other than that its a wrap. sanctuary looks strong not that dominant like it was before but strong none the less have to fight them very focused cuz one mistake could be the difference. saw only 3 haven decks wich is disapointing (thinking of building one) but they where good thou lost 2/3 against them. and academy well i have a feeling like they still missing some key conponenet (like inferno) thou they look stronger than demons but still not that strong to compete with others or its just like pacov said above they still need to discover something what or where they good at so thats my take on this. p.s. whats with the barbie party??? 4/5 necropolis heroes are femelas wtf this is outrages bring nergal back or atleast one normal male hero..................

04-11-2014, 03:42 PM
I really have no idea how you are winning with Stronghold in BS2. Are you going for a rage deck? A warrior deck? I could see the latter being viable, Pao veterans are very strong, but if you don't have four of them...

04-11-2014, 05:28 PM
yes rage with only few fortunes and 3 buildings that adds punching power when needed but i think there still is room for emprovement

04-11-2014, 05:31 PM
and its not that im winning every match but more than i lose and new hero dont recall his name has nice ability to keep counters after attack so hat helps;) but im not a stronghold player so i think there is something to emprove that deck just didnt figured out yet

04-11-2014, 11:32 PM
I really have no idea how you are winning with Stronghold in BS2. Are you going for a rage deck? A warrior deck? I could see the latter being viable, Pao veterans are very strong, but if you don't have four of them...

I am 57th on the champion ladder playing exclusively a Kat stronghold so its doable but I've ran into very, very strong hold on the way I up (started at champ 2). I had swapped for abit to try and come up with a better anti-necro deck (I do alright but the banshee chains get so annoying I figured i'd give them something to think about but unfortunately it didn't work as well as I wanted so I want back to my original deck with about 5 tweaks and its sailing now. It helps that i don't see too many necro's atm, its fairly spread out. Sadly inferno gives me more trouble then most decks at the moment it seems. Don't ask me why...freaking maniacs destory my deck hard and i'm not overally solid against hard rush decks. I still win plenty but i've lost to pretty basic inferno decks that made me frown at myself.