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04-09-2014, 03:17 PM
This is a letter to the community. I DO NOT REPRESENT THE COMMUNITY MANAGERS OR MODERATORS. This is all my personal opinion and has been my observation since I joined this game (I joined this game right after the release of Forgotten Wars.)

Before you suggest nerfs and other hogwash before Base Set 2 even comes out, you need to realize something.

This also applies to anybody who whines about stall or mill decks once Heart of Nightmares is fully released...

This is not Magic The freaking Gathering. This is Duel of Champions. If you wanted Magic The Gathering, you're obviously playing the wrong game. Good job for at least getting the genre right though. If MMDOC takes their development and game design in a different direction than MTG, big deal. The world has not ended. I am just annoyed by all the people stuttering stuff on the forums like, "B-b-but.... b-b-but MTG did THIS!!" Outstanding. This is a different game.

Also on topic, whenever people whined to MTG developers about "OP" strategies like mill or stall, they immediately made those strategies obsolete in the very next release/expansion.

As a community, I'd like to suggest we go in a different direction. DO NOT CRY whenever somebody beats you. Figure out why you lost, use your brain, and include counters. Also, keep in mind nobody will have a deck with a 100% win rate. It's not possible due to the chance variable.

MTG cried and out came the nerf hammer. For us, the MMDOC community, let's be stronger than that instead of whining about this new Heart of Nightmares expansion, whatever it may include. We should find counters or at least make an effort to LOOK for counters to a strategy before complaining to "please nerf."

If you do complain, however, make sure it is constructive and make sure you actually have a good point. Many times, something in a new expansion will SEEM overpowered until people start to catch on and counter the strategy. It is the natural flow of the meta-game. I would be embarrassed if I were a former MTG player who did not understand that the meta changes in a card game with the release of new content. Thank you in advance.


04-10-2014, 01:59 AM
Agree 100%

Astonishing how soon people will cry foul after a change is made.