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04-09-2014, 03:05 AM
PS4 Templarfiles Manhunt Tournament

Hosted by Zodiacx91 and the TemplarFiles. PS4 only. Starts Friday, April 18th, so please sign up before then.

Please sign up by messaging Zodiacx91 on psn or signing up on the templarfiles forum. You can have a group of 4 friends and 2 subs, or your clan. Please keep in mind the host and most likely many of the teams are in Europe, so their may be time zone difficulties if your team is outside of Europe.

Forum post with rules and sign-ups:

Rules (copied from the forums, translated from spanish):


-Simulation Category: Private Game of Manhunt 4vs4.

-System: Depending the final number of teams.

-Are permitted clans and teams.

-The teams will have 72 hours to play each round. The teams have to contact each other and decide day and hour. If the players can`t decide, the staff will decide day and hour to play the match.
Players have 15 minutes after the scheduled time that thay had decided to appear on the game. If a team does not appear or if one team proves that has tried to contact with the other one to concrete the day and time and would not have been answered, the team who had not appeared lost. It encourages all members to agree date and time via FORUM to have evidences.

-Teams have to play 1 match to find out who is the winner and goes to the next round. The loser of each match, loses and is disqualified from the tournament. If there is a tie,it would play a second game (and third, fourth,..until break the tie). The winner of that game would go on to the next round.
Semifinals and finals are at best of 3.

-All the players or unless one of each team have to make a shot of the final results. WE DONT ACCEPT ANY RESULTS WITHOUT THE PHOTO. You have to send the photos by mail.

-Ability and Steaks Restrictions: Poison Dart and Animus Hack are forbidden.

-If someone is experience lag, they can restart the game only if its in the 1st minute.

-Are forbidden any kind of cheats. Any indecent behavior will be penalized.

-Teams will be formed by 4 members with 2 substitutes maximum.


-If the rival doesnt show up, the other team wins.

-If both teams does not have 4 members, can play with the players they have or both will lose.

-If one team lost the connection, will lose.

-Maximun time to wait one team: 15 minutes. After that, if one team is completed and have all their members and other dont, the ccompleted team will win.

-The players should take evidences of each match (video and/or photo) to avoid problems and cheats.

-It is forbidden any kind of cheats or improper behavior.

-All participating players agree to abide by our Terms of use and our Competitions and cheating policy.

-The winner team will win the title "The Legendary Crew" and 300 APs. The second one, 150. The semifinalist 75.*

-It starts Friday, Apirl 18th.

-If you wanna participate, leave your team IDs in the comments or send a psn msg to Zodiacx91 or TemplarFiles..

Oops messed up the title. Should say what is stated in bold. If anyone knows how to change this or if there is a mod who can, please do so. Thanks!

*AP (abstergo points) and the title are rewards exclusive to the forum. There are no real prizes unless someone would like to sponsor. Please sign up just for the competition!

04-12-2014, 08:17 AM

Tournament starts: Saturday, May 3rd.
There's been a couple of changes to the rules so here's the updated link: