View Full Version : Community Events

04-08-2014, 02:59 AM
Howdy, I love the community events and they are one of the reasons I keep playing AC4:BF :)

I think the rewards of late however have been too small. The warehouse event failed and I for one who normally go gung ho at these was just not interested in putting the effort in (especially as warehouses spawn so infrquently) to constantly checking which ones were full.

I am guessing trying to add custom things is probably too hard but rewards such as new items for the Jack Daw, you house or new weapons with better specs than the current ones would be great. Alternatively it would be great if you complete the challenge a new legendary ship became available or something like that.

Maybe you could have one that unlocks a cheat and exempts it from not saving your progression, such as the dead crew if you have it already.