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04-05-2014, 09:30 PM
To the moderators: if this post is inappropriate or you would rather me post this somewhere else, please let me know in a post rather than just deleting it (or move if possible). I would really like info about our community to make it to people. I will be happy to re-post in the appropriate place if this is not it.

Next Chapter Gaming is a newly formed, adult gaming community. I am an Officer in the Playstation division an want to offer, to anyone that is interested, that you check out our site and join our community. The Division, along with Watch_Dogs and The Crew, are games that many of us are looking forward to and would like to get a good group of people involved that will be playing them.

We are multi-platform. With players on Xbox 360, X1, PS3 & 4, as well as PC. There are also members that play on Wii, Vita, etc... although those are not as much included in the community activities.

I will include my normal recruitment post below. I just wanted to be a little more personal, since The Division is one of the games that I am REALLY pushing for our community to support and want to get a large influx of people that are going to be playing. There is some more info included, so if you are interested in checking us out be sure that you read what is in the spoiler.

If you want to skip that and go straight to our community website: Next Chapter Gaming (http://www.nextchaptergaming.com) (there ya go)

You can also ask any questions you may have in this thread, or send us a tweet; @NextChapter_PS (http://twitter.com/NextChapter_PS) or @NEXTCHAPTER_XB (http://twitter.com/NEXTCHAPTER_XB)

MATURE Gaming Community "Next Chapter Gaming" looking for quality members!

I will try to make this short and sweet. I know most people will be looking through many threads, looking for the perfect fit for themselves in a clan/community.

I am an officer in the Playstation Division of Next Chapter Gaming. We are a start up community comprised of a group of us that spent a great deal of time gaming together in a different clan, who didn't have a community vision past "Xbox Only". So this new community was born. The "Next Chapter" of our lives as adult gamers.

As the title says, we are a MATURE gaming community. And I emphasize community because that is exactly what we are. Most of us have all met at one time or another. We text and call each other. We are friends and family.

We are 21 and older, NO EXCEPTIONS! We set this age limit because we want to be surrounded by like minded individuals. So that means those who do not act childish and are tolerant to the differences our members share. Personal attacks of others due to race, religion, sexual orientation, political association, or differences in opinion are NOT tolerated.

We have a 60 day trial period. YES I KNOW! That seems like a long time, but for the people we are looking to recruit, it won't be. All forum access is granted to trial members with the exception Admin and Officer forums. New recruits will be labeled "Privates". When applicable, the clan tag of [NCGp] should be worn. If you make it 60 days, it is a pretty good sign that will make full member. One reason for the long trial period is to weed out any bad eggs BEFORE they become full members.

We support all platforms: Xbox 360, XB1, PS3, PS4, Wii, and PC. Most of us now are console gamers. And the PC division is going to need help getting off of the ground, so if someone shows the right qualifications, you might be able to help with the duties of THAT division. Keep in mind that we are ONE group. No console wars, no PC elitists.. We all know the Wii is better than everything else!

We play many different game titles: COD, Battlefield, Titanfall, etc. We support any game that we can play and have a good time with each other. If you have suggestions, throw them out! Others will will be kind enough to try them and maybe find a new favorite.

We expect members to show respect as best they can when gaming in public lobbies and anywhere else they may happen to wear a tag representing NCG. We encourage fun at all time, however. We are not a competitive team trying to make a name in tournaments, but we will support anyone who has ambitions to do so. As long as the individual keeps in mind that MOST of us are gaming to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie that we have within the group. Not everyone will be skilled. Not everyone will have a postive K/D. But we WILL all have fun when we game together.

In-house competitions will be conducted for INFORMAL bragging rights. As well as weekly clan nights, which we have dubbed "Beer 30". We have attended many LANs together in the past, and this is something that we intend to continue in the future.

So the quick run-down:

Seeking MATURE men and women (ages 21 and older) "We have divisions, We are NOT divided" Be as respectful as possible (Use common sense here folks) AND HAVE A FREAKING GOOD TIME!

Thanks for your time and consideration.

04-06-2014, 04:45 AM
Your website and forums are not very helpful for prospective members. You really should have a page outlining membership requirements and recruitment processes in a bit of detail and a forum section where membership questions can be asked and answered in public.

04-06-2014, 04:17 PM
Thanks for your thoughts.. I will work on that.. The WP template had an update a week or so back and changed the layout evidently. We did have the Mission Statements and what not at the top of the page.. And as far as a place for the public to ask questions, we tried that in the beginning and had a LOT of spam, along with problems from other clans trying to cause problems.. But I am looking into better spam protection, so hopefully we will be able to fix that soon as well..

04-12-2014, 05:16 AM
Totally respect the rules dude. There should be no place for trolls on internet. They are so annoying. .

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Totally respect the rules dude. There should be no place for trolls on internet. They are so ****** annoying. .

Agreed... But probably not the right thread to post how you fell about trolls.