View Full Version : Need a save game - lost all my progress in a reinstall.

04-05-2014, 05:24 PM
Hey all, turns out ubisoft game launcher doesn't have cloud sync, and steam didn't sync my save games for this game or splinter cell conviction so I lose everything, however I had completed conviction more or less, hopefully the acheivements will let me use the weapons I had.

Anyways I need a savegame for this. I had completed quite a lot, but I don't mind being set back a bit.

I had completed the main story, but not the missions outside of the vr program, I had fully upgraded the jackdaw, and gotten all the mercenary missions (the ones and conquered bases) done as well (so obviously I captured all those bases). I also defeated the four legendary ships and upgraded the jackday, but as close as you could get me to that would be great. I didn't do many of the assassin missions yet so I'd like to be able to do those.

If anyone could help be I'd be so thankful. Maybe there is a save game editor where I can just tick off what I have and haven't done?

04-05-2014, 05:40 PM
Actually looking into it it seems that there is some sort of cloud save backup, but how do I get it do download the saves?

I did copy the steam installation to an external hard drive before reinstalling to save the download speed, will deleting that and downloading it again force uplay to download the saves for this and far cry 3 (which I also lost) or is there a way to force it to download them?