View Full Version : going foward wat are the must have cards now from bs01?? help please

04-03-2014, 12:50 AM
now we will be losing a lot of cards from decks I was wondering if the more experienced could let us know wat in there opinion of the cards that will be left from b01 (except of course in open) should we be concentrating on trying to get our hands one specially with the pice of these cards in alter of wishes increasing .......thanks guys
I know a lot of us go on the forums and check out all the met decks and build around wat the best of you are doing and a few cards have always been central to theses different decks weather they be rush mill or poke ect....just looking for some insight and predictions on wat cards that previously might have been overlooked and therefor not hunted down with wild cards we should maybe look at


04-03-2014, 07:16 AM
Week of mercenaries will remain essential for rush decks, unless they changed it or removed it (which I don't think they have).

Otherwise I think most cards will be overshadowed by HoN cards, so you should save your wildcards to get them once they come out.

04-03-2014, 12:28 PM
Be aware that some old cards will increase their wild cards prices, but others will be cheaper if newer. Five Towers or Forbidden Wars cards are real expensive with wild cards now, they will probably cost less after the patch.

Void rising, on the other hand, no one knows for sure. It is an old expansion, after all, but maybe "more expensive" means more expensive than new expansions, and not necesarily more expensive than it is now. Most of us suspect it will be probably more expensive than now and we will be lucky if it remains equal price as now.

This friday there shold be more information.

04-03-2014, 09:44 PM
Please help.

Situation: I have all cards from BS1 at least once but I don't always have always full sets of 4 of them. Because the WC costs of these should go up significantly, would it be worth to buy some of them now?

In the table below is a name of the card, how many of them I have and how many of them I consider buying. I don't really enjoy playing full control decks, I like mix of creatures and spells/fortunes, but I wanted to try Dark Gazal, I just don't have him and other cards I would need now.

Maybe I should just give up, choose to ignore Open and it's cards forever and just enjoy Standard...

I have 61 WC now, the cost of the chosen cards is 62 WC.


Card In collectionMight want to buyDark Assassin 12Holy Praetorian 3Lesser shadow Elemental 3Pao 31Moonsilk spider 3Vestal 3Chaos Imp 1Pit Lord 1Chaos Sorceress 1Celestial 2Abyssal Lord 22Ghost Dragon 2 Eternal Winter 2Grounded 1Earthquake 22Weakness 3Frenzy 3Lightning speed 3Fog Veil 3Blizzard 3Contagion 2Stone skin 1Shadow Image 31Arcane Ward 3Firestorm 3Resurrection 1Celestial Armour 1For Whom the Bell Tolls 2Armageddon 2Tsunami 3Puppet Master 22Curse of the Netherworld 22 Altar of Shadows 3Crystal of Power 3Altar of Eternal Servitude 1Crystal Cavern 1The Last Stand 1Wasteland3

04-04-2014, 04:47 AM
Pao Deathseeker & Dark Assassin : I wouldn't get any of them ! They're going to be nerfed : Pao will cost 4 resources instead of 3, and DA will require 3 Might instead of 2.

Abyssal Lord isn't that great. And you already have 2 of them. Unless you really want a "Gate to Sheogh" deck, I'd say 2 is enough. I only use 2 in my Dhamiria Deck.

Earthquake is a good card, but obviously not for Gazal. But it becomes less useful the longer the match lasts. I'd get a 3rd one, because it usually is enough.

Shadow Image, Puppet Master and Curse of the Netherworld are all nice to have, and they're nice additions to a Gazal deck. I'd aim to own 4 of those. That being said, Gazal doesn't usually use Fortunes, so you might reconsider the Spell/Fortune mix if you're going to play Gazal.

04-04-2014, 05:41 AM
Similarly, I was thinking about buying an epic card that will not be playable in standard, just in case I want to try some games in open. Is the general consensus that we should spend our wildcards now for exclusively open format cards?

04-04-2014, 06:15 AM
Wait for tonight's official stream, you'll have more information to decide.