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04-02-2014, 10:05 PM
Hello all,

I have posted here a couple of times before, mainly to bring up these points in regard to Black Flag. I have often felt that AC4 and previous games are lacking in options and choices when it comes to how to play and customization, so my posts were largely written to stress the importance of choice to some people; indeed, the only thing I advocate is the player's choice and the availability and freedom of options in different forms. However, I soon stopped posting once I realised that with Black Flag already released, changes were unlikely to be made. So here I am again, to bring up the same few suggestions as before, but this time it is the upcoming games I have in mind. Without further ado, here are the things I have in mind:

Hood on/off toggle: This is something that has been suggested since the very first Assassin's Creed game was released, so it is definitely something that I think should be considered. A lot of players feel that an option to toggle it on/off would greatly improve the immersion of the game and that such a simple measure would also give a sense of greater customization. I am inclined to agree with that; personally, I have always felt most engaged in Assassin's Creed when the hood is down or not present. Edward in his Shark-Hunter outfit, Connor in his native outfit, Aveline in her slave disguise, to name a few examples. I realise, of course, that the hood is iconic - but there is no need to remove it completely, nor to remove it from other assassins. Only to give us the choice of toggling it on and off.

Optional weapons: Something that I have noticed a couple of times before on this forum is the desire for being able to choose which weapons to bring with you, and whether you want to wield one or several pistols as well as one or two melee weapons. To me this is perhaps most important, given the role of the assassin. Everyone has different strategies and playing styles, and some of us want to play with as much stealth and subtlety as possible. An important part of that is being able to choose which weapons to carry. A headstrong combatant player, for example, might enjoy bringing with him/her a large arsenal of weapons, but a more stealthy player might want to rely solely on the hidden blades and nothing else. I can definitely identify with the latter, at any rate; sometimes I even want to go bare-handed for the highest discretion!

At least one civilian outfit: The assassin garments in these games are often marvellously designed and aesthetically appealing - but some feel that they would enjoy Assassin's Creed a lot more if there was an option to dress as a civilian and truly blend in early on in the game, and to be able to wear that wherever one wishes, just like with the standard assassin outfit. I think this was handled quite well in Liberation with the slave and lady outfits, though I personally would have preferred if there was more freedom in when and where to use them. The Liberation system really allowed the player to use social stealth and hide in plain sight, which is something I have never felt comfortable doing while wearing a full assassin's garb, a conspicuous hood and a whole lot of different weapons, because I just cannot convince myself that surrounding templars and guards fail to notice.

Those are my three main concerns/suggestions. I know that some people have misunderstood and disagreed with me on this before, so I want to stress again: I wouldn't ever suggest enforcing restrictions on people in how they play the game. All I really suggest is adding more options, so that each player can play the game how they want it and customize their experience to maximize their enjoyment and immersion. This is, after all, an era in the history of gaming where people value choice very highly!